[Feedback] A little bit about level design in Shards in one video

So obviously a really unlucky chain of events but

  1. Small level > TWO Kaisan’s spawning very close to each other > aggroing at the same time (you can see that both aggro together no matter what direction you come from) + packs of healers around them

  2. Small boss room where Meteor Shower dog doesn’t switch off aggro and instead greets you with meteor shower everytime you re-enter.

I think stuff like this should not happen in Shards. You might say, but hey, Zantai promissed to never care about Shards deeper than 65. But this can very well scale to Shards 65 or 55 for a weaker character.


Agree. Double hard bosses happens pretty rare but after it is happening then hell begin. Bosses considered by Crate being hard (kaisan/grava’thul/alexander/kubacabra) can’t spawn in boss room twice so they should be threaten same in 1-3 chunks. Just one hard boss per chunk.

Some agro problems started to happen after their position were changed after some patch, agro two of them or at least one before doing even 1 step is common. It may be annyoing situtation in some cases for less experienced players or squisher builds.

@arcane_undo Most people don’t know about exploit with camera. It’s more usefull in deep shards for people who don’t want to waste time for dying in opposite site of the room to reposition bosses (which is senseless in low shards because timer will expire and it’s very frustrating experience).

Some more SR fun from me.
Also note that this is a test of modding stuff with buffed Shar’Zul’s mace and Justicar set.
C’mon, Norzan, I know you wanna say that spam FW is ok :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but if you take a look at the level map, there was nowhere for me to run. I had to go thru one of them either way, and when you aggro one other one aggroes too.

Party with two fat dudes. :eggplant:

Good times

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There is some bug with aggro, I guess
Look where Reaper came from
Anyone can explain why it happens?

One of the Wind Devils hit an enemy on the stairs that Reaper was near and that aggro’d him. Nemeses also seem to have a larger than normal aggro range.

That doesn’t look intended to aggro from such range. Actually It feels like aggro range of bosses is much bigger if you hit someone from their little party.

This is exactly what I have been referencing in all my posts in regards to SR. Hats off man and I am glad to see others point it out even if it isn’t boss rooms.

I know, camera angle use…but is that really what we should be doing to play? I hope not. I also hate pulling one boss at a time.

I don’t like gimmicky strategies to succeed. But what ya gonna do. Likely won’t change. :expressionless:

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that boss room is awful. imagine if grava was there too. good time to quit. SR has alot of dumb stuff, like multiple arcane bosses in packs surrounded by healers and shielders. Something that ive been encountering alot lately. And some silly mutators lol like the DA debuff mutator then the one which increases enemy crit power by 60% which if you get both really sucks.

So, another one
I stayed at one place fighting Maiden, then Grava came

Doesn’t have Iron Maiden stun into Grava nulllify kill. 2/10 would not recommend.

Jokes aside, I know mods don’t give a lot of sway in this, but I’ve been trying SR65 with multiple builds that try and follow as much of the regular game as possible, and man, SR is a massive cluster of tedium. The exploration shards have tornados and ground effects everywhere, shooting one projectile aggroes an entire screen full of enemies, and in 5 straight attempts, I’ve had the small boss room with 5-6 boss enemies + hard Nemeses (since apparently some bosses are clumped together to make the challenge harder). This is on top of 7 mutators and the room switch cancelling out whatever buffs you happen to have at the time.

I don’t think the camera thing works with controllers, because I always have every boss zerging me no matter which way I move, and when every boss has some sort of AoE puddle or painful spell you have to re-position, camera abuse doesn’t matter because you’re going to aggro 3-4 heavy chargers anyway. At least with Crucible you can position yourself before the battle so that you can take out one heavy hitter before the others come your way. SR is just a gigantic mess and I have no idea how people make these claims like “beat SR65-66 with Shadow Strike with one hand” when you have this level of cluster coming at you before you can even begin to formulate a strategy.

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