[Feedback] Acid Vines could definitely get damage buff and LL mod

pretty much the title.
I have already written about acid vines as a Conjurer build, though this time I tried Archon.

despite some fat damage mods on gear, damage is quite meh. but the main problem is the sustain.

this is my ONLY successful run out of more than 10 attempts, so you can count how viable this build is …

also a vid of a death run

I died multiple times on wave 160, on wave 159, on wave 159, 162, 165, 170.
The main problems of this build are:

  • low CS. nothing of the supporting gear has any % of it, and playing a 147% cs build especially with -cs mod is very painful.
  • no sustain. playing an almost-spam skill w/o any LL on it results in constant deaths as you can’t be stable with LL only from a component skill. Remember Stun Jacks? They were also unpayable until LL mod was added.
  • bleed/chaos/vit resists are really tight.

what do i suggest?

  • the first and foremost is adding mods to acid vines gear. I mean, add like 12-15% damage modifier to conduit and 6-8% LL to the shield. Now the only way to play GV is Wildblood and it has both WD from 2hander and ADctH. Acid version is weaker by default so can get the mentioned mods w/o any risk of breaking sth.
  • add CS to some supporting gear. Misery or shield can have like 8-16% CS mods that will make playing this build a bit more pleasant.
  • same for resists.

so please share your experience with acid vines, if you have it.

EDIT: also tested this build with M. Belt of the Misty Glave (or w/e it’s called), completed only 1 run in 5:45. Fun fact is that you can’t hardcap GV without this belt that is generally very weak.
There’s very little itemization for GV in game in general and it’s almost all vitality-oriented.
So I think it would be fair to add some GV bonuses to supporting acid gear (or to increase the existing ones).


I have no intentions here of this thread being a “pick on afana’s build” fest, but what do you think about this devotion set-up?

I saw Dark One’s Set and near 100% Vitality to Acid conversion and the first thing I could think of was Wendigo. Two Wendigo Totems should be able to apply Rumor sufficiently, and Wendigo constellation has casting speed and Physical resistance built in. Getting Scorpion can also help with leech, as it’s only 10% less Weapon damage than Biting Blades is.

Otherwise, everything from your thread looks good. I’d chip in and ask for a second resistance on the belt. It’s an effectively required belt for Acid builds, and having something like Vitality resistance would be a nice addition to it.

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Was wondering if you tried the set up where you duel wield the weapon you are using while changing the helmet to the acid EoR set piece, and taking advantage of full vit to acid conversion while using vit sustain devo procs? You will of course have to use a different set up entirely but the one I did on paper I just wasn’t sure of. Yes the one I gtools was an archon. Always wanted to test it but :+1: for a great attempt. And sorry didn’t look at the build link.

I thought about testing Wendigo, more likely will do it a bit later. Though as for now, build gets insta-wrecked w/o ghoul on waves like 160/170.
Not saying it doesn’t get rect with ghoul, but w/e :pekashy:

did 3 runs with your spec. finished 1/3 in 5:26 with double cdr and marked muts and that was really sketchy.
in 2 other runs died at 160 and at 162 because of MQ.

well … the main problem is still there.

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I found those three items and wondered if acid vines would be viable or not.
I was thinking Archon archtype too if I found more items that had + Oathkeeper skills.
You got me even more curious about the build. I can’t wait to get more items.

Basically you only have to get conduit for acid vines and medal of lethal intents and that’s it.
Sadly, acid GV are hardly viable, tho being one of a very few possible variations of this skill. W/o in-built LL and some damage increase you spend a LOT OF time on resistant enemies and can easily die.

I tried both conjurer and archon, and the latter is better in every kind of way.
As a conjurer, you have low cs and have to cast BB, Vines, CoF and Pox while also having quite bad stats.
as Archon, you have bad cs too but you basically just spam Vines and also have an extra movement skill.
nevertheless, acid vines are meh now. a 5:30 build that easily dies.

There is literally only one build posted in this thread. Whether or not it is the best set up can be up for debate as there is no reference to what it is being compared to not to mention it also only shows the performance based upon one mode where as the only goal in mind is to survive while beating a timer in a specific map.

I say this as there is no data on:

Duel wielding misery or using bitter winds in the off hand for more -rr?
Other devo paths
Trying to squeeze in other skills while knowing the CS doesn’t support for it…literally the same issue Mad_lee ran into with Radaggans
At 2600% acid pretty sure deathstalkers provides more dmg than an extra 10% acid dmg but I ain’t gonna crunch the numbers
Same with the pants choice. I might use the MI pants with celestial presence and supporting stat rolls
Different amulet choice, what’s it called, blood something? Not sure as the the numbers again but with that amulet you can nearly cap the whole skill/skill line with the right set up. Yeah it is a phys amulet but with over 2500 acid…yeah
Mastery point choices in terms of what kind of dmg guardians puts out if soft capped as opposed to placing all those points into survival when even with double totem it’s not enough which could be mitigated by the not trying to spam those acid blades with poor CS
Bat as opposed to eye and having eye bonded to vire feels really cringe.
SR performance?
MC performance is null as you can stomp that with just about anything.

Not trying to shit on the thread but there are clearly a lot of questions that I would like to see answered before some buffs just got thrown around. It would be pretty cool to see vines get the same treatment acid SoC did but without making them similar.

afanasenkov26: Yeah, I see vines more as a trash mob spell vs single target, especially since it slows. I was thinking I need either a strong primary attack replacement or a single target spell, maybe even a dot when I encounter a tough heroic mob, boss, unique, etc.

Shadowpast: Figured that one build would be the Archon. I’m thinking vines (either acid or bleed) would work well (or at least well enough) in Crucible. Then again, that would be against the trash mobs. The tough mobs would need a supplement damage dealer to vines. I really didn’t look to much into the skills and devotions, I see that as the next step after setting up gear. So far I only found those three items. DW Misery would be nice to buff Oathkeeper skills. Plus it’s so much fun to DW. If I take that option, then I would need a relic that grants DW? Still interesting. If worse comes to worse can always scrap the idea and turn it into a Perdition Set build. But I would rather have a separate character for that idea.

the current spec is Archon, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator as @thepowerofmediocrity suggested. covered resists but still glassy in Crucible af.

means losing flat to GV, almost 20% phys res and 40% ele res that will result in even less sustain. also losing some armor from Safeguard.

this skill is basically an only way to keep sustain up at least a bit.

conduit gives duration (which is SUPER-important with GV), damage and dot, also res overcaps and resists. I don’t have much defense to sold for an almost-no resist ammy with some flat.

made some runs, can easily die to trash and needs positioning. acid-resistant bosses take a long time to kill.

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No the vit to acid belt or the dune fiend helm can do it.

@afanasenkov26 is right about the phys res loss without the shield. Likely the biggest issue.

I don’t have a chance to try a devo path that would include bat and converted Wendigo or to use grava leggings to shore up the ele res loss from the lack of the shield.

Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator I was just bored and went through this meme idea; surprisely it can do SR 75-76 lol; sustain is pretty bad though.

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