[Feedback] Allagast set would rly appreciate some love!

This evening I’ve been testing two regen based allagast builds, one with slightly more regen & the other with slightly less but a bit more % dmg.

Both versions faced the very same issue in the end tho:
They lack fire power in % dmg and consistency thx to TSS not having a -cdr modifier.
Furthermore I noticed no matter how I build it I always ended up with crazy high overcaps in both vitality res. & chaos res. - something which the set for some weird reason offers as 2nd set bonus.

To give the set some much deserved & needed love I suggest changing the following:

  • Remove the vitality/chaos res bonus and instead add a nice chunk of aether / lightning & e-cute dmg. instead.
  • Add a slight -0,5 sec cdr modifier for tss, increase the flat dmg bonus to it & add another +levels to TSS to the 4p set bonus.

Shoutout also goes to @eardianm who gave some valueable input! :+1:

Cheers, Mergo. :clinking_glasses:


I think Allagast set users don’t have much health either. When building around the set I always end up in 11k hp, would love some boost there, and does no cooldown mean storm box is holdable now, does anyone know yet?


Thanks for the reminder!
Actually forgot to add that one.
Yes, the set indeed suffers from low’ish HP too and a fat “of vitality” suffix somewhere is basically mandatory if you want to avoid 1 shots by hart hitting endgame bosses.

First I would like to thank the devs for the recent buffs to this set in the PTR!

After some more testings I decided to stick with the setup shown above!
(Keep in mind that GT is NOT up to date with the changes to the PTR and therefore some stats may seem off or lower/higher than they actually are!)

While the overall performance went slightly up thx to the recent buffs I’m afraid to say that the main issues I faced before still remains which is bad single target dmg.

Why is that?
Thx to the following:

  • TSS spread being too big & yes I tried the TSS offhand too and it performed overall worse compared to the box offhand.
  • TSS cooldown being slightly too high & it still hitting like a wet noodle.

So again I would like to ask for less spread, slightly less cooldown & a good chunk of more added flat aether/lightning dmg. for TSS.

Another thing I would like to add is that if u want to run this build a fat of vitality suffix is basically a must have otherwise you end up with way too lil total HP and even with it barely sitting at 16k isn’t a lot… so some good amount of flat life to either gear parts or set bonus would be very welcome as well!

Cheers, Mergo!


I played SR with a similar setup. Here is the build I tried. Allagast is clearly lacking in damage to the point where it is painful to play. Therefore +1 from me.

Edit: Can you consider changing the 4set bonus SBoE Aether flat damage bonus to weapon damage or just grant LS?
And please change the chest piece’s stun resistance to physical resistance.