Feedback and Suggestion for PRM

A very long time ago @mad_lee created the lightning PRM build.
It was one of the best and safest farmers of the crucible at that time. As time passed, the game offered new challenges, the PRM (skill and items) almost did not change.
Now PRM is an average skill that becomes good when using a invokers set (lightning PRM) and synergy spellbinder (aether PRM).

A few details about the current state of PRM.

Lightning PRM

High likely the best PRM build.The average time of the crucible was less than 5:00 (according to @mad_lee).

Aether PRM

The average time of the crucible is around 5:20.The power of this build is synergy spellbinders. The main issue is bad support for itemization.

Fire PRM

The average time of the crucible is around 5:10. The main issue is that almost the same items are used as the lightning RPM build, fire PRM worse in damage and survival.

Cold PRM

The average time of the crucible is around 5:30. This is not bad build, but it has a bad AoE (secondary projectiles from Proliferation not converted to cold). Also, the build needs to stacking damage to beast, otherwise, you can’t kill Kuba.


The average time of the crucible is around 5:30 with neutral mutator. Like other ele builds is the dependence on mutators. Probably the only PRM build that Supercharged helps.

1.Possible rework Supercharged and changes Proliferation.
Supercharged. I suggest changing electocute to flat lightning (68 on 12/12 and 112 on 22/12). Also chance to stun change to reduced defense ability (with removed from invoker set).
Proliferation. I suggest split elemental damage to fire and cold (for compensation changes Supercharged and helps fire PRM and cold PRM).
2. Itemezation:
Heart of Malmouth - change 25% crit damage mod to flat aether damage. Also add necromancer support (resist reduction to Ill Omen or some + to skills or other mod).
Wendigo Eye - increase 35 elemental damage to 90 elemental damage.
Faraths Cube - change resist reduction mod from Storm box to Word of pein for improve qol. Also, if Zantai does not change supercharged, can add global conversion aether to cold (15-20%) for support AoE damage.
Mythical Albrecht’s Duality or Mythical Screams of the Aether - add +2 to Proliferation.
Mythical Cortosian Scrolls - change chaos resist to pierce resist.


Um, is there anyone else beside Firozo who actually plays PRM? Or everyone just gave up on it long ago as there isn’t anything new to try?


How about quad-damage multiconversion elemental-aether PRM? :crazy_face:

I stopped when I checked all the gear options and found everything super weighted towards mage hunter over anything else. Trying to get lightning PRM druid looked like a hot mess

Edit: spam PRM that is, not interested in ludrigan cooldown version

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I kinda had warm feelings for PRM Warlock in vanilla, but once AoM dropped I realized that Censure + Seal is just a natural fit for a caster that has to facetank quite a bit.

Well at least Spellbinder is still better for aether PRM.

I saw change from Public Test Changelog: V1.1.9.2

Faction - Heart of Malmouth: added 18 Aether damage modifier for Panetti’s Replicating Missile
Faction - Mark of the Shadow Queen: increased Aether damage modifier for Panetti’s Replicating Missile to 70
Slathsarr’s Crest: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Panetti’s Replicating Missile to 18% Wendigo Eye: increased Elemental damage modifier for Panetti’s Replicating Missile to 80 Invoker’s Elements Set: increased Fire damage modifier for Panetti’s Replicating Missile to 50 and its Lightning damage modifier to 40

But in my opinion, the problem is in the weakest PRM skill. Remember when AAR didn’t have a pass through there was almost no build with it. It looks like the same thing is happening with PRM now.

Has anyone tried vitality PRM? I kinda want to try it just for sake of creativity.

It not work, like a most conduit it a mem.

I have two variants theorycrafted (haven’t tested yet) but looks ok imo:

I’m planning to play some PRM in the future but rather beginner / ssf builds so I can comment then perhaps.

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pretty nic I have to say… that’s something I would have made but a bit worse. xD

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Tested Invoker Druid today, variations of this build
Average CR around 5:30-5:40. Surprisingly low damage and struggles to stay alive (which atleast was expected).

As eardianm wrote there’s really no reason to go Druid over MH because PRM gear heavily supports MH.


Why does Lee have so much better time with his similar variant? (I mean the 1st one in the thread) :thinking:
I can see some flat modifiers to Panetti but the difference seems too big.
Perhaps Druid clunkiness adds to it?

unless meme:

  • Vitality -> Spellbinder
  • Physical -> Templar (at least Banana chose it)
  • Acid - > Warlock
  • Cold -> Druid ??? (I don’t remember if it’s optimal)

No idea really, thats why i’m a bit surprised by the clearspeed of my Druid :smiley: PRM have decent crit so maybe it’s the lack of OA and perhaps the unreliable RR of Wind Devils.

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Strictly speaking neither Wind Devils nor Aura of Censure have area of effect that matches PRM’s projectile spread. But at least you don’t have to waste cast frames on Censure.

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