[Feedback]Disengage direction

Disengage is a cool skill and I love to use it. But sometimes the direction in which I step back is hard to control in the heat of battle. Is it possible to change the direction of disengage to match the location of the mouse cursor instead of the direction the player is facing? This would allow for better control I think, especially when you’re surrounded by mobs and need to change direction quickly.

That would cripple disengage IMO. The cool thing about it is that you can jump backwards, and continue attacking with very little interruption to your attack flow.

Brotip: Assume your character is facing south. If you move your cursor (without pressing down on the LMB) to the east and activate your disengage skill, your character will automatically turn east, and jump backwards towards the west.


I actually thought the same way at first - launching yourself in a vague backwards direction felt fiddly and I would have gladly accepted precise cursor aiming. But now? Ehh, I kinda got used to it, and being able to evade without interrupting my attacks is pretty nice. Plus, Disengage usually has a pretty low cooldown, which helps.

Another REALLY handy trick I’ve stumbled across is that you actually want to move towards your enemy after jumping. This prevents you from getting cornered.

As often as you can, you want there to be space behind you.

In desperate situations where you’re cornered, you can even turn around (i.e. have your back face the enemy) and activate disengage to magically phase through the mob. :rolleyes:

That’s odd. It wasn’t working as you described when I first tried it. Now that it jumps backwards from cursor location, it feels fine.

Wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds if you’d jump in the opposite direction of the cursor (°180)?