[Feedback] Fire DEE had it long way coming

So gt is out, i’ve tested fire dee. wish i wouldn’t, but someone has to write them feedbacks.

Here’s the calc, it’s spam fire DEE sentinel: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E0xXlN
Here’s the save file, in case somebody wants to try it/prove me wrong, every data-driven feedback is welcome: _Dinner (s).zip (1.3 MB)
Rolled with sentinel because:

  1. NB doesn’t bring anything usefull to fire casters, apart from total speed.
  2. Thermite Mines are cancerous and every single skill in demo (even grenado) is two heads above DEE, so it doesn’t make much sense to me. Going canister+DEE will surely be fine, but we all now the damage distribution there.
  3. OK has a mobility skill and more proccers which is important for fire devotion route.

My upload speed is really bad for some reason, so i’ll post all videos here later.

So the first trouble i ran into was stats requirements. Because the armor is heavy (heavy caster armor, yikes) i need 1035 physique, then i need 678 spirit to use off-hand and 396 cunning for the dagger. I barely made it, thanks to wonderful stats that Occ mastery bar provides (no).

The second, and a bigger problem was sustain. Set has a medal, so i can’t go with MI that gives 4% ADctH, the only other item, that provides it is legendary MI off-hands, that converts acid to vitality. So I was left with the only option - find sustain source in devotions. I went for GG, 'cause i have full global convertion. I knew that i also need bat, but decided to try this one out.

The third problem - 162% cs with spam skill (yikes).

And the last one - no way to hardcap all the nodes. (Not to mention, that i don’t have full vit --> fire conversion)

! Keep in mind, that build also has 1.24*1.15=42% total damage modified to DEE (which looks HUGE on paper), full acid+chaos to fire conversion, 83% vitality to fire, the full power of fire procs in devotions and 15+29+28+23+28+8 fire RR reduction (not to mention half of the viper)

Attempt number one


Died at the wave 160 with 2.45 on timer. Sustain is horrible, so is the damage.

Attempt number two


Took bat, lost a lot of stats - died at 170 wave, all nemesis up, 6.15 on timer. Took a lot of kiting, I had a feeling that i was playing naked EX. Damage was still horrible despite !

Attempt number three

Died at 160, didn’t change a thing from the previous one.

Grand Finale

And here i thought, i need to convince the public how garbage fire DEE is. So i did this:

I took acid purge. So I was playing with 45 less points and a set, that gives me literally nothing. Guess what, it was just slightly worse (still died at 159 due to sentinel and ch’tonian beatle who stacked shit ton of %DR). But overall, it felt a bit better. I’m quite sure, that if i tweaked it a bit - got rid of this garbage set, rearanged the skill points, made a spirit dump and got full vit --> fire conversion - i would have gotten a sub 6 build with actually good sustain and reliable damage.

Overall, i’m not surprised with the results - DEE used to be bad, DEE is bad. People’ve been predicting that fire DEE will be rubbish - it ended up being rubbish. As always feel free to prove wrong, maybe i just did a bad job with this build. But please bring some evidence.

All of this leaves me with just one question:

Has anyone actually play-tested it?


But you only tested it on crucible. In SR it does better and even better you wanna play it on totems cause that’s where the build really shines!

The set isn’t bad. Pretty sure you can do some things with it on saboteur. But Fire DEE is bad. If acid and vit DEE can only barely scratch the decent tier with all the efforts people put into them, then why would anyone expect fire DEE to be any better? It still has way less support, new set counted.

It’s good that some testing has been done actually.


i think this picture summarizes my experience with fire DEE perfectly


yes, really wish we had some playtesters for such occasions.

we have them, they’re called praetori…oh, wait

Fire DEE is almost as bad (or even worse) compared to chaos version. DEE can’t carry offensively build outside of acid, which was buffed on at least three separate patches. And even acid tends to be glassy with AdctH medal, let alone fire version without it. Your results sums up the DEE experience.


… all of which add several layers of irony to this gif by @Ceno


You’re all just bad. Duchy would drop Olexra and the transmuted Eye right after and shit would explode.


I can imagine his build title being " Solael’s Baller : Chaos Dreeg’s Evil Eye".
Also what’s the point in playing converted DEE if it has no visual changes \ [°~°] /


Oathkeeper’s not a Physical Resistance class, so all this pointless melodrama would be avoided if you just let go of your pre-conceived narrow-mindedness and pick a shield.


Such a waste he’s not here with us anymore. He was a legend.



Not me, `cause lord knows my word doesn’t mean anything to the Crucible crowd. But I have it on good authority that if you’re having this severe issues with it, you’re doing it wrong. So don’t talk to me about irony.


Then please if there’s someone who tested it and didn’t have severe issues with just show up and all of this would end immediately tbh. Cause from the current looks of things, @grey-maybe will always be right until someone proves him wrong. Cause he’s the only one who tested shit and showed it.

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I don’t think playtesters are supposed to publish builds :stuck_out_tongue: It is up to us mere mortals to figure them out ourselves :zantai:

This would be false :wink: The only time it would be an issue is if it is a build taking advantage of changes that are still in testing - for obvious reasons. Other than that it’s more of an unwritten rule to maybe give the rest of the public some days to play with stuff and figure out things on their own first but otherwise praets can certainly publish builds.

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“Just get all the new SR sets in a few days” :smile: Not all of us are GD stashers you know


I know quite well. You might be surprised to learn I don’t do much in the way of GD Stashing myself. I prefer self-found mostly.


Obviously not every variation of every possible build is tested, but I had decent success with a pyromancer using this build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe5p7kZ

and no, I didn’t think to make any recordings of the gameplay because I did not think that there would be such animosity against the testers (and thus I didn’t feel the need to “prove” anything). I did take this quick screen clip of SR80, which I guess will have to suffice

No, it’s not a particularly strong set for DEE, but it’s also not unplayably bad. No, the build is not optimized; I built something that looked good enough for testing purposes. Yes, it was tested. No, this does not set the precedent that playtesters need to “prove” that things were tested, the language in this topic was just pissing me off so I took the bait regardless.


@Snazzblaster “just get stonehide of kings” :smile: