[Feedback] I want to share some ideas about the inventory

  1. I think “Auto sort items” feature should be added to the game. I mean, items should be sorted without clicking the “sort” button.

  2. This one is maybe awkward; but the inventory can be limitless. Meantime, current inventory is too small.

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Devs ruled out infinite storage long ago so that isn’t happening.

And some people prefer to sort their items in their own way. For example I keep my weapons/gear at the bottom of my personal stash pages, but put things like jewellery, relics, etc, at the top. What you suggest would mean me having to resort all my stuff every time I put something else in there.


Ok, then “auto sort” feature can be optional.

When the user wants to sort items with his own way, he can disable this feature from settings.

  1. Crate also does not like to add more and more setting options :wink:
  2. Also for that to happen the sort should become more efficient.
  3. There are these moments when you want to squeeze another one or two items in your bags and you need to play a little bit of inventory tetris - and this can be fun. But most of the time it is just for some extra vendor trash, and I have decided it is not worth my time.
  4. If this missing QoL feature is trying to tell us anything, then I think it is to make more conscious decisions.

You already have an optional auto-sort, press the Sort button :slight_smile:

I too want a button that makes my character level 94. It’s soooo boring leveling every char just to equip all of the gear, right? I think I should use GDstash or some mods or something. Why dontchu do that as well?

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I do not like jokes buddy, so do not try me, ok?

What made you think I’m joking? Your second suggestion is literally implemented by GDstash.

You also gave exactly zero reasons why the devs should bother with those.

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Hmm infinite stash space, never seen that suggestion before

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These kind of suggestions are ancient, I wouldn’t mind to see them if the game will be supported in the future but it won’t. The next patch will be last improvement update. There will be surely some hotfixes focuses on bugs but there won’t be any changes that will improve the QoL or in-game balance. So you’re kinda late to the party @Cagatay_KAYA the things you want won’t happen. I also suggested different ideas about stash before but devs have their mind settled about this matter so there was nothing to dwell on.

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