[Feedback] Item procs

1. Mythical Invoker’s Shard - https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9002


Proc’s activation is On-Hit
2 second skill recharge is too high


The item is designed this way to avoid abusing the proc’s power but here’s the thing. This is an item designed for PRM builds which aren’t exactly known for their Damage potential so some rectifications would be helpful

-Change activation to On Attack (Similar to the activation clause for Elemental Force proc)

-1 second skill recharge (In-line with Agrivix’s Malice proc)

2. Olexra’s Chill and Mythical Olexra’s Chill


-Proc’s CD on Non-Mythical version is too high
-The mythical version lacks the proc


-Proc’s CD should be 1s or 1.5s as other procs that are much stronger or are similar in strength have lower (than 2s) CDs

-Replace flat damage skill mod for ABB with the proc

The original item was very useful on Cold builds. The proc and the stats are what made it so great. By removing the proc it makes build diversity suffer as the skill mod that replaced the proc reduces it to 1h Cold based ABB builds.
The Mythical version also lacks the Frostburn potential of the Non-Mythical version as the proc’s Frostburn damage is also decent
Even on ABB builds I believe the proc would serve much better than the Flat damage skill mod for ABB.

3. Mythical Arcanum Electrollis - https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8695


-The proc requires your enemy to be trapped making the RR useless in boss fights


-A level 94 item shouldn’t have such a useless proc. Remove the Trap nature of the proc and simply turn it into a generic RR proc. At least this way the item will be useful otherwise in its current state the pistol is literally the most useless pistol and cannot be even used as “Filler” till one obtains BiS items.

4. Bane - https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8219


The proc’s CD is too high


Reduce the CD to 0.8 second, for the level of damage the proc does this makes sense

I remember that proc from Devil’s Cage Hauberk works on some bosses at least. If it is not that case for Mythical Arcanum Electrollis, then you have my +1 for this proposal.

Chthon, looks like you mixed up the first and last proposals by CD. Probably you wanted to reduce Bane proc CD to 1 second to align it with other relics having similar procs patterns and damage numbers, like Agrivix’s Malice or Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm. It seems reasonable to me, so +1 to this proposal with CD equal to 1 second.

I agree with replacing skill mod for ABB with the proc “Olexra’s Chill”. From my point of view it will give more opportunities and flexibility for cold builds.

As for CD proposal - I have no idea if we should reduce it or not. I took a look at different weapons with on attack procs and with similar damage. There are items with 2 second CD, like this one, and items with higher (see this) and lower (see this scepter) CD.