[Feedback] Korba's set could use some defensive buffs

Finally got my hands on testing Korba Trickster with freshly buffed Korba set. Here are grimtools. Went for a bit of defensive setup in devotions (@Dmt’s idea), it certainly is needed here.

Out of four (4) Crucible 150-170 runs died twice. Here is a video of a successful run: 6:49 run. Could probably be 30 seconds faster with better and more sober piloting. Damage is not a problem. But survivability is. Even with those defenses and very high OA to frequently proc Alkamos ring proc build feels very unstable.


  • Add ~10% armor to set bonus or to items.
  • Add ADCTH as a set bonus (it can be removed from procs)
  • Add Beasts damage. Fights with Kuba feel super dangerous.

I posted Korba build last week! :stuck_out_tongue: [] Full Korba Trickster, no tricks and no greens, just pure melee!

So, I will not refuse buff, but the question is, do you want better defensive build or typical glass cannon? To me with Serenity +Ghoul build should be strong enough to sustain itself. The only problem really is Kuba and ridiculous blood pools and resistance. So maybe that’s a idea, racial against beasts.

Otherwise Korba set is in excellent spot right now!

@mad_lee @Nery have you tested Korba with Mythical Slithscale Legwraps ? If yes, what result did you get ?

+1 that Korba deserves buffs. Imo, some oa/da should be added too cuz there is no word about them in the whole set and trickster actually doesn’t swim in these stats.

Korba seems very glassy and not having good DPS output

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What do you mean with glassy?

I took a look at Nery´s Trickster and 36 % Physical Resistance, 3k DA, 76 % Slow Resistance and chance to apply Fumble every 1,5 sec. doesn´t seem very glassy to me.

It does feel glassy in-game tho. I have similiar version, less phys res and no Serenity, but Prismatic Diamon and Aeon and it feels sketchy quite often.

Damage is there, but a bit of a buff to its defensive side won’t hurt. Build struggles with resists quite a lot.

Cut some Health for Physique/DA perhaps? And some Chaos Resistance…

DA can be managed, but stuff like Chaos resist or Poison resist are hard to find. If you look at my build even Bleeding resist had to be found on boots.

I don’t see any problems here. The set has open shoulder slot (and optionally pants/boots) which will be able to cover any kind of resistance needed. Unless you would totally refuse to use MIs for some reasons, then well.

It doesn’t work like that with Tricksters. You can’t just slap on fat defensive piece and be done with it. If you drop Silver Sentinel you are going to lose a boat load of damage. That means much less adtch and longer killing times.

You can always hope for a Stonehide Kuba of Attack…but is it realistic?

I have Stonehide of readiness legit in Crucible, but that’s a RNG one can’t hope for. But speaking for cold sets Deathmarked currently isn’t tougher than Korba. So I would propose to revert the nerfs to DM. Korba haven’t been good defensively in the past at least :smile:

I don’t think overcapping poison res will solve its problem.

BTW, I have just tried my old DM Infiltrator spec and got 6:17 on a first try no sweat almost. Still in a different league than most autoattackers.

Nah, you don`t even need stonehide, even a yellow prefix should cover all you needs. Let allone of attack suffix in crucible is borderline useless anyway. And there is plenty of options to build a Kobra outside of pantsu rolling

//About topic.
It sound like a bad joke, rly. My softcore friend could finish 150+ during ~1.0.4 era w/o DA stacking on Kobra. It was before %phyz resist on dual wield thingy madness.The set is fine as it is.

I have tested it today, died 2 out of 3 times. What your friend could finish some years ago is an anecdotal evidence and is not relevant now. Try it for yourself and find out. Times of “DA is just a number” or “Armor Absorption is just a number” are a thing of a past.

Git good? You know, you don`t need to stay in chuppa piss, catch meteors and facetank 4 nemesis at once?

I did not die to meteors or Kuba. Mostly 169-170 and sometimes non-nemesis waves with a lot of debuffers. Build feels very shaky and incosistent. I am not sure why you are arguing here. Did you try playing as a melee in the current patch?

Dude, guardian gaze proc with 12% ADCTH will keep you at full health most of the times on any high %WD build. I tried IK pyromancer with 2 grim fate`s and it steamrolled the game w/o any troubles.
How can you even die to trash on Kobra, as RoS oneshot half screen every 1.5 seconds ?

We are playing different games, I guess. I have tested a lot of melee builds lately, all of them solid, you need a good doze of min-maxing for each one to make it consistent in current Crucible 150-170.

RoS doesn’t oneshot shit, look at the video. Also, melee IK Pyro “steamrolled”? X - doubt. When you make claims like that you gotta support them with videos and grimtools.