[] Full Korba Trickster, no tricks and no greens, just pure melee!


Korba set is emblematic set, full of backstories and character, yet is not used fully often. In DW melee meta were used N&O, also Malakor and Chillstrifes. But this is specially dedicated to old man weapons. Let return the pride to him. Recently the weapons were buffed and provide more damage to Savagery. So build uses typical DW Nightblade structure+RoS as AoE nuke with low CD. Before I continue credits to @Superfluff for creating excellent Korba build in AoM!



  • permanent buffs, including LA and Savagery

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g9xjEZ

Devotions here are standard for DW melee, no twists. Decided to put Savagery on Murmur for procing and Wind Devils to Ultos.

Items other than set some of my decisions are: Barbaros pants, they have some bonus to RoS, other than OA, DA , physical res and proc. Boots are used cold ones to boost % cold damage and utilize the massive flat, but also slow res. Only down side is the abysmal size of DA, but can’t be perfect. Shoulders&Gloves are BiS for their boost to Lethal assault, a important buff. Relic is Serenity, another defensive layer, also nice set of resistances and +1 to both classes a extra boost on point hungry build. I crafted the amulet with stun resistance, helm with armor. The DA difference is based on my relic completion bonus, which is DA.


This build is tailored for Crucible, it’s consistent and relatively safe for DW Trickster. Times vary ofc, but mine are between 6.20-6.55. Good players can do 6 minutes, but it’s hard to do 4 runs even if you are top player. Anyway it’s nice build and it feels comfortable and strong, but not overpowered. Video from Crucible:


Thanks for your words! Old man Korba can still fight.

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Any SR benchmarks?

Are you deliberately overcapping some resistances?

Yes, mate. Basically you need solid overcaps to play in Crucible. The reason is there are lot of monsters with RR debuffs. The most dangerous is Anasteria. She reduce your resistances by half. In 169 her RR is stacking with the fat Fleshworked bosses. So your resistances can hit even 0. So aether is the most important overcap in Crucible. Others are important too, only 2 you can get away without overcaps are pierce and bleeding.

Why Revenant in every second build this days? Is this a new trend?

Best Flat RR-Devotion ingame maybe? :wink:

It’s in my way. For cold DW builds you usually wants Revenant anyway. Flat RR is bonus. Also important are attack speed, AdctH and undead racial bonus.

I enjoy roleplaying. All my toons are Dark Souls NPCs or bosses and only Nito can spawn skellies. :sob:

is this build good for high SR? :slight_smile:

Haven’t tested it. 65 should be consistent and 75 will be probably possible with favorable combos but DW melee outside of SR set or super tanky setups isn’t really suited for deepest shards and Trickster is not by default strongest defensive mastery.

For SR I will suggest defensive devotion route. Also you should take Wendigo totem. In Shattered realm is always important to have passive heals, that will sustain even if you’re running away from Nemesis.

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This is my 2nd character and I haven’t even hit 100 yet. I also don’t know much about the game still so maybe you can give me the specifics on the devotions I should take. Also what should I replace for Wendigo, should I take Wendigo’s passive Blood Pact, and should I max them both out? Thanks for w.e. info you can supply :smile:.

Ah, you are not 100 level yet. I have this guide made, that can help you. [] Beginners/budget DW cold melee Trickster

Wendigo main skill is what I meant. It’s nice healing power. Blood pact is good if you can utilize the flat vitality damage. For example if you don’t have the Spellbreaker’s belt, you can use Gargoyle with +1 to Nightblade that converts vitality to cold.

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so just to be clear this guide you linked me is the one I should use for the Devotions?

Depends, the devotion setup in my budget guide is for undergeared characters mostly. I will use setup with Dying God in campaign or Crucible for this build.

By writing in this thread, made me realize I want to play more Korba Trickster, but this time with Ring of Steel at 26/16 :yum:

Thanks for this fun & very strong build!

Really nice build, I tried it recently! :slight_smile: Small question about the devotion setup: could it be better to go for Leviathan which has a lot of cold damage and a cold-related proc (+ taking Toad for extra ADctH), instead of going for Dying God and Ultos? --> something like this but without elemental storm and with viper for the % reduced target elemental resist if Ultos is not taken: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY5dGXN

I used Leviathan in few other builds but here’s supbar to DG/Ultos. Also Ultos is must since you have lightning to cold conversion and big weapon damage.

What I tried and will update the build is RoS at 26/16 points used as nuke skill. But devotions are classic!

Ok thanks for your answer!

Oh nice I’m waiting for the update! :slight_smile:

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This build needs to undergo serious changes, including fresh new devotion route and greens to function. Actually build well it will be monster one, I’ve tried it actually with Zantarin shoulders, Elena’s necklace as amulet, green belt and Kuba’s pants. It’s pretty different than my original build sadly. But Korba can still function well.

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