[] Full Korba Trickster, no tricks and no greens, just pure melee!

I can help with that :slight_smile:

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What’s your idea?

Also this devotion route of @thejabrixone is interesting, although I would like to feature Yugol.


Korba is an old build i really wanted to see shine for i worked on it a bit this week and results were very good.

It’s an aggressive setup for max damage, especially devo wise, but that can be mitigated.

Here is the update and video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRFY6cxVNFM - 4:44 - It could be faster but I chose to play it safe here and there since it’s pretty risky. Maybe a ‘‘golden run’’ later :slight_smile: But it’s a good time that i’m satisfied with regardless

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