[Feedback]Krieg Wrath making Break Morale and Terrify redundant?

Each time I use Krieg set with Soldier mastery this question always come to mind “Should I use War Cry?” since Krieg set already give nice RR as complete set reward, meanwhile the Reduce target damage part of War Cry can easily be replaced by Ill Omen if taking Necro. Now, comparing the RR both skill provide between the 2:

  • Krieg Wrath able to reduce all resistance by flat 20
  • War Cry able to reduce all resistance by flat:
    -10 from 3 point on Terrify,
    -18 from Conduit,
    -30 from 12/12 Break Morale for physical only.

For a set that give and support those 2 skill, Krieg Wrath kind of making the Terrify and Break Morale part of War Cry redundant although Break Morale is still in a bit of better spot here if using physical damage but only if having at least 7 point in there to surpass Krieg Wrath which use no skill point, but for Terrify part like others have said is quite weak for spending 3 point in there.

How about changing the RR from Terrify into percentage instead of flat since there is not many source of percentage RR except for elemental. The value can be left as it is or changed to 4 per point making it 12 at 3 to make it comparable with Vanquisher set, Open Hand of Mercy or Eternal Band.

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I think terrify is redundant in most cases, since most build always pick either revenant/scales/crown

Yes it is, besides flat RR is more accessible from devotion and equipment, and rarely they come in lower number than 18. So I think it’s make sense to change the RR on terrify to percentage one. I don’t think that people gonna take Terrify for its Terrify chance alone.

Physical and elemental Soldier didn’t use it since Break Morale and Crown offers more, most Nightblade pick Unchained Might glove and Scales is on the pierce devotion path, Revenant also in the path of acid, chaos, vitality, and aether devotion.

I’ve kinda don’t use the granted skill Idk. Damage is OK and it’s AoE but nothing spectacular. RR is seen as free bonus on top of damage but as mentioned flat RR is usually not hard to get. Still you can avoid flat in devotions and play as Spellbinder for instance.

I also think Terrify modifier is useless, there is an item supports Elemental Cadence and gives flat reduced RR, and all other options can easily use one of the flat RR devotions which there is 4 of them. I’m not sure can it be replaced by %X reduced(probably not gonne happen due to engine) but atleast it should be changed by something else. To not ruin it’s theme(terrify) it can be replaced by fumble and impaired aim, or -CC resist reduce or - DA might be also thematic. Since it’s a curse -X reduce can be happen.

Yes, Spellbinder if using Krieg can get it through Reckless Power, and it can get its benefit more with Screaming Veil or Lucius Blade although for the former I prefer to pair it with Bonemonger set on Oppressor. But those class not even use War Cry in the first place.

I still believe that terrify is still have it use when playing as ranged soldier, but adding Impaired Aim or Fumble is also good.

I think it should be able though I don’t know much about modding, but looking at Eternal Band ring it looks like flat and percentage reduction can exist on the same source, so I think percentage reduction can also happen on War Cry like skills.

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