[Feedback] Kymon's Bosses need to get their MIs' in Shattered Realm stripped away

Pretty much the title. Getting immortal Sister Crimson/ Brother Segarius/ Astros against elemental builds because they happen to roll elemental resistances on their MI’s is neither fun to play against nor a proper way to balance them.
Two examples:


Both builds have around 100% resistance reduction excluding Viper devotion, so it’s even higher with that. And no, just because both builds include Arcanist class which lacks RR, I don’t think that is a fair counter-argument. Other damage types don’t hit walls like this with even less RR.

In conclusion, I want to suggest that these bosses to simply not be able to wear armor gear, or something similar that happened to Ascended Myrmidons in Crucible ( though they are still sometimes immortal too on rare occasions).


I get real sad when I’ve built balanced elemental damage and still hit this wall because their gear rolls prismatic resistance or w/e. On the other hand I was conditioned by titan quest and wish there was still more wysiwyg gear and I’m not actually that bothered by the occasional run being interrupted. Really depends on your goals if this is mild hilarity/annoyance or throw computer out the window anger.