[Feedback] Lack of Item Skills in Malmouth

Anyone here would be aware of Obliteration, Winter King’s Might and Obsidian Tremors and just how powerful those two item granted skills were from an end game perspective

I was hoping for the expac to add atleast one new spammable skill on some item but unfortunately I couldn’t find any such item. These skills add to build diversity and interest many who grew weary of class skills after some time and also go on to show just how awesome the itemization is in this game

Please consider adding spammable skill on items for end game (emphasis on this part :P)


If I had overlooked any such (new)skills on items then please let me know and please don’t mention Cauldron of Excitement :stuck_out_tongue:

I am curious too.maybe if anyone can link us the item that grants us poison channeling skill similar to flames of ignaffar… I remember seeing that in a stream.

edit forget it… i think its from a seal…

Acid Purge?

that’s it… I am not sure how good it is though. anyone tried so far?

I think it has a higher DoT potential than MoD but less QoL due to how channeling skills work

You can use it on DoT DEE builds or something else, basically it will work no matter what because of DoTs. I initially wanted to post a WH using it but it’s way too straightforward for a dedicated thread

The other seals aren’t very end game like either. Stormfire is the only one that interests me slightly. But even it lacks behind WK Might and Obsidian Tremors

Hmm, I was thinking of making something using the lightning skill, but I haven’t found a recipe for the seal yet.