[Feedback] Ludrigan AA/Vindi concerns

So I beat on this quite a bit in the test patch, and Ludrigan actually saw WPS buffs that eventually got rolled back. With all the other lightning damage improvements between then and now, along with trying to leverage all that extra flat, damage is actually sorta passable now solo target damage is great, around 10-12 second dummy kill when you actually have everything out.


9% phys res and 144% casting speed leads to fun situations where you just die trying to get totems and wind devils down, e.g.

I could eek out some additional cast speed on say gloves component at the expense of capped attack speed. Base is 144%, in the video voidmarked is stacked on top, and you’ll notice a near death to 4 heroes before the actual death.

The chilling rounds support has always been the red headed stepchild of this setup, and imo it shows here because the build is forced to be to thin playing AA/caster hybrid. Requests would be:

  • Casting speed added to Ludrigan pistol
  • Change and/or adjust the storm totem 12 seconds to live to a 2 totem burst cast. Time to live on wind devils always made sense, they travel with you. Totems I get it allows you to have all of them out, but that’s only going to be practical with low damage approaches. Only the biggest lightning resist mobs actually live long enough for every totem to come out right now (TTL may be more practical in crucible arena)
  • I know it’s boring asking for phys res but the AA side of this is sticking it’s neck out and getting chopped for it, while the druid build just runs around relatively safely already.

General thought’s about ludrigan:

  • trashy leeching due to the fact that it forces you to get back and brandis and bat
  • survivability is terrible
  • electrocute cdr panetti is not reliable and requires a big amount of skill points
  • electrocute duration is mandatory and hard to get
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