[Feedback] Melee Paladin could get a little bump (still)

so, pretty much the title.
I’ve made this build https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZw1wwJ2 during PT and it performed quite nice for a mostly fun build: 4:30 - 4:50 in Crucible that is kinda ok for this kind of build. SR90 was possible but hard due to certain things like low phys res.
Then, though, global fire/burn nerfs happened so this build suffered pretty hard, I dare to say.

After patch was released, I changed the spec to this:

a bit less of permanent RR and OA but better HP,RR proc and better % damage.
I did 4 runs in Crucible:

and this is … bad. yes, for a triple-RR build that has almost all offensive fire potential in devos, this is bad - to be slower on average even than Spellscourge, not mentioning other fire builds like melee SB.

what I suggest to do?

  • rework the swords a bit. Ascension part is ok despite pierce>fire conversion. Build (and probably all possible builds) with this sword has no pierce to convert neither in mastery nor in devos, so i suggest (one more time) to change it to phys>fire. this will convert both phys flat from Rebuke and from Torch’s proc. a small but desirable buff.
    the second part is AoC mods. they’re not bad but for a caster. for melee extra range is useless, flat fire to AoC itself does almost nothing. I suggest replacing it with, say, Rebuke or WoR bonuses like: +4% OA and some flat/% fire to X, as Paladin has quite low flat and OA.
  • add a bit of CC/phys resist to supporting items, though it’s more optional than the sword part.

so, feel free to comment this who played similar build or fire melee in general.

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