[Feedback] Mythical Agony nerf was excessive

With today’s hotfix to Agony and the Sentinel set, my EoR RATA Sentinel lost 25% of its damage and actually had a tough time going through SR50 in places. Agony and RATA EoR don’t contribute meaningful damage for a couple reasons:

  1. Retal gear and devotion paths lack %AS and OA, both of which EoR needs to output meaningful damage. Agony itself has abysmal %AS for an EoR weapon.
  2. Needing more OA to have EoR do something keeps the build from pumping up DA and using fevered rage, dropping retal output as well.
  3. Taking Agony breaks the Sentinel set, losing OA, 300% retal, 500 flat retal, and flat damage. At this point, there’s no reason to use it compared to the full set. Taking 2 Agonies just gets you splattered without the resilience a shield provides.

Outside of one Warlord with acid to phys conversion, there are no good builds with this mace, and definitely none using it as the intended acid weapon. At the very least, changing the RATA back to 6% would just make Agony a meme instead of a total joke.

Edit: after changing from EoR to a full Sentinel spec, I forgot to bind 55 points of RR. Full judgement set was still noticeably faster than using Agony.


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This change will be reverted in v1.1.8.0, along with a %AS buff to the item as well, so a net gain for the build.


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