Feedback: mythical legendaries that actually became worse

There are few mythical legendaries that in the eyes of a lot of players actually got worse in their mythical versions. I know there was a quite a bit of backlash about Arcanum Sigilis pistol, but I will just mention two items that I tested personally. Anyone who thinks the same about any mythical legendary and actually tested both mythical and non-mythical versions is welcome to chime in.

So there few items that I think became worse:

  1. Mark of the Forbidden. Instead of poison cloud proc that used to cover a good chunk of screen in Crucible with debuffing poison clouds we got damage boosts to Bloody Pox and Wendigo Totem (really?). While damage buff to Bloody Pox is okay-ish, damage to Wendigo Totem is absolutely useless. With my maxed out Conjurer I get about 2100% vitality damage and Totem ticks for about ~1,7k per tick. With the mythical relic it’s… 3k per tick. Which is a joke since totem is never a source of damage, you have to be in range for it to work and even if you facetank some boss for about 30 seconds the damage buff is like 30k extra which is really nothing for a half-minute fight. Bloody pox is also a support/debuff spell which does decent damage because it procs all your on hit procs. But its raw damage boost is not worse loosing amazing debuff from Poison cloud proc that makes very dangerous enemies like Fabius/Loxmere/Maiden miss, this proc saves your ass a lot in higher crucible waves.
  2. Girdle of the Stolen Dreams. Mythical version has mana burn removed and changed to casting speed boost. While casting speed is nice for spam builds, I don’t understand mana burn effect removal. Not entirely sure how effective it is, but I often see monsters with empty mana bar in Crucible and it seems that their abilities become somewhat limited.
  3. Wyrmborne Gaunlets. Amazing item stat-wise (huge hp/oa, some casting speed and elemental resist, nice + skills), but mythical version boosts BWC with electrocute and Thermite mine with Lightning damage. Which feels a bit disappointing. First of all, boosting Thermite mine with damage is a drop in a bucket. Better boost it with some form of cc or additional rr. Second of all, electrocute damage is much worse than burn and I tested tooltip on my Ultos char, with all auras (stormcaller pact + eye of the storm aura) and total +1750% to electrocute it gives mere 4k damage over 2 seconds. Which again seems like drop in a bucket compared to what BWC sorcs already do with their burns.
  1. and 2. Agreed

  2. It might not be useful to burn but it’s good for electrocution :stuck_out_tongue:
    Transmuted BWC with those gauntlets makes it one of the stronger electrocution sources second only to Stun Jacks

Another thing with itemization this expac is that we can’t craft items outside random legs at Bella/Etram Fald
Meaning you won’t get OA/DA bonuses on any items that are crafted through BPs
With the inflated OA/DA costs this is not a good thing to implement. And I don’t see any reason for this

Have you EVER used manaburn yourself? Because if you do, you wouldnt ask such stupid question.
Mana burn sounds great, until you meet an enemy with reflect, and you just burn your own mana very quickly. It’s extremely annoying, and potentially dangerous (no man to use skills, some auras will turn off, etc).
For that reason, i try to avoid playing fire- and chaos- based builds - they require Solael’s Witchfire constellation, and it provides stupid mana burn.
I wish mana burn node was OPTIONAL for Solael’s Witchfire, so you could learn or NOT LEARN it if you want.

Savagery with Stormcaller’s pact would like to have a word with you :). Although I understand that you meant non-weapon damage skills.

I actually didn’t see any reason to remove Celestial Smith’s crafting power. It wasn’t OP or anything, in fact, since I don’t play Soldier based characters I will take %armor bonus from good old Angrim over any other bonus any day of the way.
I would say that although I have less experience with gearing chars in AoM (just 3 so far and 2 of them are still the same builds) I found out that OA/DA is easier to get now actually than before because of new components/5 new devotion points/15 more levels.

My Conjurer-caster has both Solael’s Witchfire and Girdle and he is doing fine, but he does have reflected damage reduction. IMO, mana problems can be easily fixed with correct devotions/components/augments.

Uh, what? Mythical Girdle of Stolen Dreams is just flat out better than the regular version. The +2 to Phantasmal Blades and Bone Harvest and 5% cast speed are awesome.

The removal of mana burn is actually a great thing because mana burn has to be the most useless stat in the whole game. It doesn’t work against the things that actually matter and the things it works on just die before their mana is depleted.

Does your Vitality Conjurer even has skills with weapon damage? Because that’s the only way it can be applied through. Play a Phantasmal Blades build with the regular Girdle of Stolen Dreams and watch your energy just disappear in mere seconds against reflective enemies.

Chaos Strike and Twin Fangs, plus if I am in melee range with Fabius or Maiden and casted all my spells and debuffs and both Doom Bolt and Chaos Strike are on cd I just slap them with couple of auto-attacks which is pretty effective.

But tbh, as I said, I might be wrong here, because it’s hard to notice effects of your spells/debuffs in Crucible. If mana burn is actually useless as you say it is, I might stop using old Girld of Stolen Dreams altogether.

Chaos Strike has a cooldown, so it can’t be spammed and Twin Fangs has low weapon damage. Kind of hard to feel the effects of reflected energy burn.

Probably the worst case with reflected energy burn is with Cadence. A majority of your energy just disappears in a single Cadence hit and this extends to skills with high weapon damage.

I would drop the regular version for the mythical version. Just the higher flat OA makes it worth it.

The mythical mark of the forbidden is a bad joke. Found one, looked it over, said “what” and dismantled it. Got a brain out of it, much more useful.

What’s worse is the fact Myhtical Wyrmbone Handguards loses the great proc from the regular version, which was a very solid burn source. Adding Electrocute to BWC is not a substitute for this, specially if you are using them for burn damage stacking and not electrocute stacking.

And yeah, Mythical Mark of the Forbidden is a joke because the proc of the regular version is awesome for CC, CC that works on Nemeses and other major enemies.

Look I am up for them to return Burn support to Wyrmbone Mythic, as long as they compensate me with that Electrocute skill mod for BWC on some other gloves (that doesn’t suck)

Nr 2 is whatever really. Cast speed is welcome As occultists have none

I didn’t expect Mana burn to be so useless. It’s been a while since I played my Chaos PB but I recall it helped with mana sustain

I do agree the mythic is a huge improvement over it but I found lack of mana burn to be troublesome then again with new devotions I’d say it’s not a big deal

Idk, mana burn is not like it was in TQ with Storm MAstery Spellshock/spellbreaker Skill. That thing could obliterate an high mana pool boss even.

The only thing relevantly susceptible to mana burn in GD is yourself really. When others cast it on you like Archivist, your you cast it on yourself via Reflect Mobs

You forgot our good mate Loxmere (Did they reduce his spawn frequency? He doesn’t appear that often in his regular spot)

Btw, a little support for Pierce Casterwould be nice considering you too love that damage type :stuck_out_tongue:

And Grava. They basically can do to you what Storm mastery could do to high energy bosses:eek:

Storm Mastery - Shaman?:confused:

Shaman without so much melee/Ranged Focus. You didhave a skill that enhanced your weapon with some lightning damage.

But you had Lightning bolt+chain lightning all in 1 (you could CD to 0), Squall which was an AoE cloud of lightning storm and RR(kinda like wind devil but static and wider) and finally some ice spells like spamming frost shards.

So yes it’s kinda like shaman but shaman is more bruthish:)

Mana burn works only for WEAPON attacks, if you’re caster, sure you dont give a shit because you dont use weapon damage.

Reflected damage reduction isnt so easy to obtain. You have to get specific items, augments, components and constellations (which probably will be far from optimal) to get 100% reflected damage reduction. Just because one of your items or constellations has this trash mod.
And to be protected from mana burn, you must stack energy leech resistance. And it’s also incredibly rare and hard to obtain

Seriously, Electrocute bonus from Wyrmbornes is almost negligible compared to overall burn damage BWC does. If there was at least one more BWC bonus like that, I would understand, but now it feels like a cosmetic upgrade to BWC builds.

I do use tower on both of my characters + Titan Plating on one and Aeon Hourglass on another. I guess that helps.

How does mana burn help with mana sustain? You mean energy leech? Because that’s what helps with mana sustain. Mana burn just, well, damages the target’s energy pool.

The only single case of mana burn ever being slightly useful is with Chthonian Harbingers. If they don’t have any energy they don’t release that chaos blast wave on death. But that attack really doesn’t do much damage unless you are under the effect of their debuff.

The electrocute damage modifiers makes more sense in gloves that focus on lighting/electrocute (Maybe Cindertouch). I never got why Wyrmbone Handguards had lightning damage modifiers in the first place when BWC is Fire/Chaos/Burn.