[Feedback] Mythical Venomspine Greaves

This item

It’s obvious that 99,9% of Acid & Poison based (non-pet) builds revolve around Occultist mastery. And maxing Aspect of the Guardian is automatic for any build that involves Occultists, since for 12 points you get absolutely insane gains: 12% physical resist + 100% poison resist. Coupled with AoM best of all times component Ugdenbog Leather, poison resist is NOT needed on any build with Occultist, especially a poison one.

Now, boots have a very important build defining skill bonus = +2 to Dreeg’s Evil Eye. Yet pair is absolutely and utterly useless because of its stats. My suggestion: change poison resist on it into literally ANYTHING else, like +health, +OA, Trap resist, physical resist, ANYTHING to make those boots worth considering.

I think that this poison resist there is not that bad. You can always skip poison resist anywhere else and pick these for a total of 130 - 146 poison resist. On the other hand, Ugdenbog Leather is the only bleed resist component that can be put to any piece of equipment.

The only thing I really hate about these boots is poison retaliation. I doubt this is useful in any way.

So basically, even though I like the poison resist there, it’s actually useless if you don’t have bleeding resist and the retaliation is kinda bad too (at least in my opinion).

Indeed, this is why poison resist is a (relatively) low value stat now. Certainly lower than most (if not all) other resists, yet it’s stupidly common just about anywhere. I used to have to use augments to cover this resistance, since AoM I haven’t needed to.

Besides Ugdenbog Leather, throw in as well that Sylvarria’s Essence is a popular accessory augment other than Survivor’s Ingenuity.

I only use Survivor’s Ingenuity (damn that name is so hard even to type, wtf…). :stuck_out_tongue:

Thing is, if only you can skip poison resist EVERYWHERE else, and use only those boots and 12/12 aspect of the guardian for poison resist and nothing else, then yes. But that’s literally impossible, especially on poison builds. Even if you somehow avoid Ugdenbog Leather entirely you are bound to get at least another 50 poison resist from gear and devotions.

Could you clarify what do you mean? I level up my Witchblade poison & acid retalation build and these boots are important part of it.

There are also Reaper poison builds, which don’t have the advantage of capping poison resist for 12 points.

I kinda see these boots as a fighter piece of gear. Like, something that hits hard with its weapons, not something that receives damage. I know it might be weird as these boots hit while you’re being hit, but a retaliation build doesn’t really make any use of this passive. Also, it buffs 3 skills that are non-tank or non-retaliation skills.

Based on my experience the proc from boots is useful for retaliation build as well - it hits not only melee enmies, but also shooters and mages. Taking into account the nature of retal builds (even hybrid) it make the life easier and less painful.