Feedback Needed on a Mad Lad Spellbreaker

So I had the mad idea to see how a TSS and Shadow Strike 22 level Nightfall Spellbreaker with 100% lightning to cold conversion would be made, and it turns it’s kinda good. Sure Fabius isn’t the death sentence he was once, nor is the Mad Queen (unless you forget her retal damage phase…), but this eats em and farts away from danger, though this build is rather glassy, but it’s also turned out rather fun.

Haven’t tested anything serious yet, but some feed back before I get into the min-max insanity would help, because I am hella tired:

Will provide an upload if asked, just need to invest 4 skill points I somehow missed using o_O Fixed it in the GrimTools upload of course.

Basic gameplay loop - SS in, hit em with ABB to proc elemental storm, drop TSS, Fox glyph jump out, repeat as need be and watch everything get frozen to death. While your health bar zips up and down constantly of course.

Tempted to swap out Seal of Blades for Night or the storm one to replace ABB and then reinvest the points from it and Execution into Maiven’s Sphere for less glassiness, but first I need moar nemesis hunting.

And why you ask did I go for a TSS Spellbreaker? Because it’s been gestating in my list of builds to try for ages due to all the gear that supports Nightblade and TSS skills points :3 And I needed a break from the horror of clearing out the fluffing stash yet again. It’s gotten to the point my mules need mules damn it.

TSS spellbreaker is a very standard build concept that has been around since vanilla (Weyu had a very nice build back then). There are several more modern versions around if you want to compare. “Glassy but fun” is indeed the description of these characters. :slight_smile:

Going into Nightfall like you’ve done is unusual. TSS spellbreakers are very point-hungry so one often sees them stop at 32 or 40 on the Nightblade mastery bar.

Not sure what the point of your token investment in ABB/Lethal Assault is. If you want LA, max it, otherwise skip it entirely. The version I have bookmarked (just the grimtools, can’t find the forum thread, sorry) uses the chillspikes skill from Seal of Night as the extra devotion proccer you need, instead of ABB.

As you say, more Maiven’s is the obvious move.

Some TSS breakers dual wield, some don’t. I prefer the caster off-hand personally, but either can work. Depends how much you care about the SS dps, I guess. I’m willing to let TSS do most of the work. Though one of the tricks you’re pulling is the full lightning conversion, so you probably do want the dual-wielding.

Anyway, sounds like your build already works about as well as these ever do, and shouldn’t need a ton of fine-tuning.


Thanks! I’d forgotten completely about those prior builds :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow - ABB is good at proccing devotion skills (namely Elemental Storm) due to it’s DoT, plus some more OA never hurts, as TSS isn’t maxed out due to not being able to equip the full Eastern Oath set. So relies on critical hits to do more damage. Will craft another Chillheart + the skies seal and augment for testing out. Since Chain Lightning will get full conversion and and does some DoT damage :3 Where as I have no pierce to cold conversion.

As for NF, it was just too juicy a target and has plenty of +skill points from the gear and gives excellent life steal to help with survivability. Plus with the belt we get more cold damage from the conversion on it. Though my GD Stashed belt only got 41% conversion ;-;

And yeah, to get full conversion and also get enough +skill points for TSS have to pretty much dual wield. Plus the OA bonus from the 2 piece Myth. Eastern Oath is just too damn good to give up.

So here’s the adjusted build:

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Looks pretty good to me! I’ll be interested to see if the expert builders have any comments on further optimization.

The only bit that I wonder about is whether Blade Barrier actually helps or not. I skip it on my spellbreaker, since I already have Mirror, and using BB breaks the flow of a hit & run build like this. But it’s only one point, and could certainly help with the squishiness if it doesn’t throw you off your game the way it does with me.

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Well with Glyph of the Winter Fox, in theory you can escape the issues that Blade Barrier can create as you can just fart away and escape. Though I will admit in testing Outfox can be a bit buggy and tends to ignore collision geometry or just fart and not fly despite plenty of space.

But then, that’s what Star Pact at lvl 22 is for, as BB, Mirror and Outfox rapidly become available again. And Ghoul also recharges fairly quickly, though definitely going to need to watch out for the cooldowns during Crucible and SR runs.