Feedback Needing - For Dual Pistol Tri-Elemental Builds

I reset my ancient Sorcerer build to a Purifier and well, now it’s a complete monster that facetanks pretty much everything I’ve faced in the Campaign so far, which is only the Clone of John Bourbon fight… As I haven’t got to end of the DLC campaign’s yet.

Anyhow, due to sleep debt from getting sick of from my friend’s nurgling of a 4 year old I think I didn’t optimised it properly, so need some feedback. Also haven’t gotten augment’s fully sorted yet, was too busy finishing off the base game stuff to opening those up.

And here’s the buuuuuild: Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

…And of course I was able to facetank Kuba and Gargabol with this build. Been screwing around with where to set the devotion procs too to reliably proc meteor and blizzard. DPS so far is fine, it’s not the fastest, but it’s stupidly tanky and constantly gets crits thanks to flashbang that only get more monstrous when deadly aim procs.

As for fumble attacks, I can just laugh at them and fire madly away :3

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Derp, for what ever reason Grava was throwing nullification balls at me despite me facetanking him and I died. Never had that happen before. Though next time I managed to screw up getting the aura etc skills and didn’t die lawl. Changed Ghoul to Word of Renewal though to allow that circuit breaker to be maintained.

Lokkar was a push over though, despite his stupidly high elemental resistance that run as this build has 95% elemental RR + 32 RR and yet was only pushing ~10-20K per attack. Didn’t save him though, I just sat there, in my seal, plinking away and casting stuff as need be and didn’t even have to chug a health pot.

And before I forget - Kuba isn’t facetankable in his first phase, have to reposition if there’s too many blood pools, because effective damage output goes down to fluff all. But he still dies pretty quickly and weirdly from the next phases you can just sit in your seal and plink away at his clones.

Hmmm… there’s no such thing as Grava throwing balls if you’re kiting. He just throws them after a certain period of time.

btw I’d max Aura of Censure if I were you for more damage reduction and RR.

Derp - didn’t know that as usually I’d go away from more of the chaos pools regularly, rather than facetank him…

Also, I spent way to long screwy around and came up with this horror show of a mage hunter:

I suspect it’ll hit very high DPS, but it will be less able to facetank due to lower %health form attacks.

edit - adjusted the devotions and components, needs more attack speed though…

Heh, just made a new build of Deceiver version of a Elemental dual pistol that I theory crafted and it’s actually pretty good. So far. Cleared SR75 after fixed the devotion procs (still not the best) and despite it being glassy it can facetank like the Purifier build that I will name as Glasgow Mega-Snake (Mogwai = mega gooood!)

Anyhow, it works by exploiting converting vitality, chaos and 50% of acid to elemental and hardcapping Inquisitor Seal + softcap of SoC + maxing out elemental RR as best as I can manage. Will it die in SR in the 70s? Sure, if you don’t run away when you should.

Total DPS isn’t the best of course, because it’s using Beronath’s Fury, but combined with Elemental Seeker’s it does the job.

Teh Build:

Not bad for something I threw together in an hour. Busy finishing of a Darkblaze Pyro though, so don’t know when I’ll fully test this (and Savagery ones + ele Purifier) out.

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weird taste/pick of medal, gloves tho

also I think korvaak’s helm overwrites viper but I think it’s still pretty decent-ish, seen better and worse :stuck_out_tongue:

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I missed that :stuck_out_tongue:

Mind you, Viper has +%3OA and I need 8 Chaos to get the 2 nodes in Ulzuin’s Torch and Korvaak’s Vengeance only procs 15% of the time, where as Viper’s on every hit.

As for the medal, I know it looks weird, but the boni to Blood of Dreeg allow for more healing + more OA + it gives some flat vitality damage that is nearly fully converted to elemental. Gloves give me some points to overcap Solael’s Witchfire + a ton of attack speed + some flat chaos to be converted. And that poison resist came in handy to get a safe amount of it (i.e. over 30+). So while they look odd, they work out pretty well.

Harbringers gloves could as work, but this build’s got tons of elemental resists and can easily reach the cunning needed for the pistols.

So it looks odd, but it works and partly thanks to BoD is surprisingly tanky. Ended up facetanking MQ without Prismatic Rage proccing due SoC + BoD sustaining me. Need more SR75 runs though to fully test things out :stuck_out_tongue: But that requires pots, and the tester save I used for this has none sadly, nor the components for them… So I need to do some farming first.

Right, redid the Mage Hunter build and it’s sort of good:

Pretty low DPS sadly ;-; But despite the SR75 having +15% element resistance mutator it didn’t die lawl. Which is weird as it has lots of elemental damage due converting chaos 100%, Aether about 50% and 30% of piercing to elemental… Oh well, also need to put the augments on the rings and amulets >_< Which I somehow bloodly forget.

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