[Feedback] Oathkeeper's part of Bonemonger set needs to be reworked

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Bonemonger is one of the most versatile sets in the game. However there are almost no top-tier or mid-tier Bonemonger builds that include Oathkeeper. Reason is simple, Oathkeeper’s support on Bonemonger is pretty abysmall and focuses on buffing just one WPS while other masteries get juicy RR bonuses and Inquisitor especially gets an opportunity to hard cap Inquisitor Seal - one of the best defensive skills (if not the best) in the game.

Building an Oathkeeper Bonemonger around one WPS is almost impossible - you have to use some sort of auto-attack and Righteous Fervor lacks any decent Aether support while both Inquisitor and Necromancer lack any kind of auto-attack. All the while set blocks all Oathkeeper’s Aether Conduits (and half of them are Aether).

My suggestion is to either change Oathkeeper’s part to Demolitionist support (which would synergize pretty well with Dreadscorcher and open up new Purifier and what’s more important Defiler builds) or rework it in a way that it gives Oathkeeper a RR bonus and Aether Righteous Fervor support.

So, what do you think should be done to Oathkeeper’s part of Bonemonger’s set?

  • Change Oathkeeper support to Demolitionist support
  • Rework Oathkeeper’s part to support Righteous Fervor and maybe add some RR to Oathkeeper
  • Leave it as it is now

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I’ll see it so:

  1. delete smite mod
  2. add 100% phys and 100% fire to Aether on Fervor (smite will automaticly be aether)
  3. add aether RR to Guadians (on full set bonus ofc)

it will be nice support to aether WPS Oppressor

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Technically you wouldn’t even need the fire to aether conversion unless you want to convert smite’s fire damage (RF has no innate fire damage). Otherwise I’m in support of the suggestion.

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Bonemonger it’s one of my favorite sets and I posted multiple builds with it. And few guys like Jabby and Valinov even more. It’s versatile set and can support multiple classes. Well except Oathkeeper… which should be one of the main classes.

Bonemonger also covers your amulet slot blocking every chance of having aether RR to Guardians and skill mod it’s weak. Perhaps fire Paladin will be decent. But still Oathkeeper part of Bonemonger it’s bad.

Demolitionist’s support could possibly make it too OP but will be really cool. Or better Oathkeeper support.

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I have suggested in the past to change the oathkeeper part to elemental + aether RR for GoE.

Perhaps crate see that bonemonger is good enough because I posted so many builds with it and decided that oathkeeper + aether part of it as a freebie and noob trap.

Freebie just like Korba’s bleeding damage. Actually elemental(fire) Oathkeeper support will make much more sense.

But Aether on a class without RR and damage it’s just doomed from the get go.

Tbh I’m fine with the smite mod… it works like a huge nuke one certain builds. I think a 15% aether rr to guardians would go a longggggg way to making it much smoother gameplay wise.

Can you show such a build? I have honestly never seen Aether Bonemonger Oathkeeper that can be associated with “huge nukes”.

They are in there. A bit dated at this point, but they cleared crucible. Although the vanilla mob buff has happened since then… but some things have been buffed

How fast were they? Can’t see videos because you are sponsored by Chinese youtube for some reason

Yeah plays.tv is RIp. They were like 6:45-7min builds. The oppressor and paladin… again this was back before vanilla mob buffs. Probably a bit slower/less reliable now

So that with double rares and long ago before multiple Crucible buffs. So should be closer to 8 minute now, that is if you survive with such abysmal damage in melee.

Well the smite mods have been buffed by almost double since then too if I remember correctly

You can always test it since it’s your builds and post your findings here. From my experience buffing one wps never affected the builds I have played. WPS have the worst investment return past the proc chance cap.

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