Feedback on HC Druid 2nd Round! 2nd Class to chose, gearing for a 2nd build etc

Hey guys!

I asked several days ago on feedback on my Druid and got tons of great feedback from some kind people here and was looking for a 2nd round of feedback now that I’ve gained 12 more levels and made my way into the AoM on Elite. Looking for a smooth run through the DLC:s before heading into Ultimate.

Some links to my old versions to see where I started from:

First version posted on forums :

Revision 1 after feedback from members:

Finally, this is how my Druid is right now:

I am enjoying it quite alot. Playstyle is Storm Totems and Wind Devils, kiting while using Aether Lightning when totem and WD is on CD. I’ve probably reached a point now where my gear is starting to slack in levels, most pieces still being 70-75. Hoping to solve that now that I’m headed into the DLC with higher level enemies.

What I would like suggestions on is:

What gear should I be hunting for now?

What gear should I be looking out for if I would like to try out a build around Arcanist? Aether Ray looks like a really fun build. What is the current strongest Druid build?

Lastly, I am looking to create a second character when I got some stuff to make the leveling process of a second character smoother, what could be a good character to complement my current Druid? I am looking to clear all content in this game, so I would like a class that can clear stuff my Druid would otherwise struggle with.

I am mostly intersted in Demolitionist or Blademaster as a seconds character, preferably not combined with Shaman or Arcanist as I already have a character with those 2 specific masteries.

Thanks in advance for replies, wish you all a great sunday!


Now you could start farming for higher tier component blueprints and materials to craft those (usually require shit ton of ugdenbog blooms, chthonic seal of binding and aether crystals). Good source for blueprints are monster totems.

Like: ugdenbog leather, sacred plating, living armor, spellscourge plating, bloodied crystal, runebound topaz, tainted heart, seal of annihilation, seal of ancestery.

Other than that, note what skills have break points that are important. For instance 13/12 inner focus is kinda useless.

There is no higher limit on Shattered Realm, so in practice - the content is infinite big :stuck_out_tongue:

But I guess you are after the hard as hell stuff like callagadra and crate ?

Mostly aiming to 100% the game achievements wise! :slight_smile:

Is there a level where certain stuff starts to drop? I see all end game builds have gear that’s for level 94, so I’m thinking to start farming totems or so when I hit that level specifically. Kinda wanna play it pretty safe until I hit 100.

Any suggestions regarding 2nd class?

You want monsters to be like level 90ish to drop that stuff.

Pet Conjurer.

Conjurer has Shaman as 2nd Mastery though, would like to have 4 masteries spread on 2 chars :smiley:

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