Feedback on Pyran set

OK, thanks. I may have to review all my Templar TC from FG now :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like you need a hero!

Ya1 meant the No Reply section which has gone.

True. On the other hand, messages are “just” private forum threads that only the recipent and sender sees. And pyran certainly puts everyone’s world on fire.

Nandi put some playing numbers on this in his thread, which seem ok. His end aether % is tolerable:

Nandi Pro 6:15 cruci

And after seeing x1’s Templar TC (~50% up-time on devastation), it seems like the set isn’t too bad for both combos. A bit more aether resist couldn’t hurt, though.

Yes, the old forum category is gone, but the means still exist:

I only tried level 100 Pyran out for a few hours, I didn’t have enough time to do some thorough testing. But between SR and crucible your feedback just about mirrors my experience with the set.

The set completion skill is cool but it definitely feels weird to use and either is a break even dps or dps loss or just increases the odds of you dying if you try to fit it into your rotation. At the very least I sure felt like combat was going better when I mostly ignored the skill.

The aether resist request +10000000. I thought the same thing when I first saw the set’s stats. Then I thought it again when I played with it and got annihilated by RR via aether enemies.

This set needs health before anything else. Sorcerer already has low health due to both masteries having no health bonuses, and the set lacking any health just exarcebates this issue.

Well i only find problem with 0 phys res and 0%cdr .That’s mean it’s impossible to use mines(only your rr) on sorcerer and with overall protection you can easily 1-shot from any serious enemy

Don’t want to discuss the whole set and balance (btw strongly disagree with all that says above about arcanist except lacking of rr), but things about that i want to talk is a prock on fullset.

Aaaaand… it’s bad.

C’mon, Pyran set is all about apocalyptic fire that rains from sky, and prock just not fit the primordial concept at all (not mentioned that fact that prock deals no damage at all).

So, Crate, i know you can make it, please let this happen - a nice nuke granted on fullset would be very nice solution.
Like meteor from herald of blazing ends.
Like sunspots from judgment of Empyrion.

I haven’t personally tried it but from multiple grimtools links and videos of this set’s performance I can say that set is extremely overtuned offensively and undertuned defensively. Which is more or less fine, but I think that offensive part of the set should be toned down and defensive buffed a bit. But at least this set correctly fits into a concept of glass cannon mage with nukes on cooldown (unlike Trozan, kek).

But yeah, unless you don’t want 5 minute Crucible videos, Zantai, you gotta look into it. And also into Mortars, it feels like they are overtuned as well.

The set is really great (tried it on Sorcerer) but:

  1. it needs a bit more DA to feel perfectly comfortable for playing
  2. I think it’s better to change the conversion of off-hand to lightning->fire instead of phys->fire; that’s because we have phys->fire conversion here and this is BiS-medal for Mortar Traps (and Pyran is played with them). So in order not to have doubled conversion, it’s better to change it to make Mortars deal pure fire damage.
  3. lack of phys res. Add at least 5-8% as 3-piece bonus or add 3-4% on helm/shoulders.
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If that’s true (haven’t had time to play) then it needs no change. It’s good having this kind of glass set sometimes.

It’s true. But damage on it is insane. I think min-maxed Shieldbreaker should do ~5 minute run on a green free spec without a sweat with this set.

I do 5:30 on my setup above after some more careful tweaking. I’m not saying that’s bad (I never do :slightly_smiling_face:) because build pays very heavy price in defense and piloting skills. But this is not necessarily because of the set. It’s because fully converted 6 Mortars are monstrous. The set doesn’t really do much for them (+1 summon and life is to be expected from any mortar set, conversion is redundant, there’s no flat cdr - gotta use this very crappy pistol with +100% fire, granted skill is completely not aligned with Mortar playstyle, etc). The only “extra” thing is that 30% lightning to fire.

So what about the skill. I see three ideal options:

  • defensive proc a’la old Iskandra

  • beam of fiery light (can use Light of Empyrion’s animation) - ground targetable, longer cooldown, stays there for a time an deals fire/burn in radius.

  • fiery tornado - stays in plays or moves slightly, doesn’t matter, point is you cast it once and it deals dmg for a while.

  • if no time to rework - increase the radius, dmg and cooldown. Add a debuff. Current skills deals less damage than a mortar shot. It’s completely useless unless you’re really desperate to slightly up that burn ticks

FWIW mortars are only monstrous in cruci. It’s one of the true specialist builds out there.

Did anybody tried the set in Shattered Realm? Don’t know why people are still using Glad Cruc as a measure stick when SR after a certain shard is more difficult.

Tried. It’s more diffucult 'cause often u need to run and this makes mortars missing a lot. And as for small arena in sr 65+, u have no time to place many mortars because of insta-aggro of all bosses.

Pretty sure it’s not gonna be reliable on SR. Previous mortar builds that had better defense would run around like chickens. Pyran has worse defense

Because it’s less random, there is no aggro abuse and it checks not just character tankiness and single target damage but every possible aspect of the build.

There is also no good way to measure a build by its SR performance because of how different boss areas can be and how very specific builds (tanky dot casters or shielded-tanks) excel while a lot of other builds (2h-autoattackers, dw-autoattackers, spam-caster, some pet builds, etc.) naturally struggle there.

That said measuring builds by their Crucible performance is far from perfect but it’s the best we’ve got.