Feedback on the main campaign and more

well I personally bother me in story mode:

  1. I would like the bulletin board of each faction to show me all the available missions and not have to choose one by one and eliminate the ones I don’t like.
  2. the sanctuaries I would like that they were only of enemies and bosses I simply learn more by removing enemies than by sacrificing objects that you do not have.
  3. I would like them to give more importance to the slith and give them a faction and nemesis.
  4. The cronley bandits they are almost non-existent throughout the game along with kymon and death vigil elects they should have corrupted shrines or exclusive faction missions to kill their bosses.
  5. Summon Familiar or Great Raven please make him more visible or trade him in for a Storm Hound and his healing is boring.
  6. Mice have 3 right-center-left click buttons could put you in the game interface to select quick spells and add missing ones.
  7. New Harbor should become a den of bandits if you betray them and Korvan Basin would have to start at Devil’s Crossing at the bottom.
  8. The eastern swamp should have a portal as well as the valbury harbor apart from being on the map islands and not above everything.
  9. there are many portals that annoy I think they should be relocated.

bysmiel would be really pissed if the raven is removed. also, the savage relic already give stormhound as additional summon.

though i agree that the raven should be made bigger because its easy to lose sight of it amidst crowded battles. and healing could use some more responsiveness.

Some shrines (mostly on higher difficulties) require components / relics, that you need to craft.

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