[Feedback] Phoenix devotion proc activaction

Skill selection for it is a bit weird:

Like you can’t bind it to runes for some reason. But you can bind it to Guardians of Empyrion, which will lead to them having the shield from the proc and not you.

Any reason for that? Can it be changed in a patch maybe?

They still having the dmg from the aura.

And shield too! Gotta protects those little fiery guys.

Also how another pseudo pets)

For me it makes sense that pseudo pets get the effect instead of the player. Otherwise it would be too abusable with permanent pets like Guardians of Empyrion or Spirit Blade. You would get the benefit of the damage reduction without taking any risk. Them pets don’t die and attack constantly at sight, so you’d have the DMG reduction up almost every time without bothering to attack the enemies.

I don’t mind it, but why can’t we bind Phoenix to Runes then?

Could be the delay in runes going off.

Can it be fixed tho? Are there some engine limitations?

Because some devotion bindings limitations are hard to explain.

Not sure it needs to be fixed. Might just be the way the devs want it to work.

Because Runes work in a similar fashion to Guardians? They act as player pet entities unlike skills like Sigil of Consumption.

that really sucks

It did weird things with runes/mines since they are technically pets, but also how it visually attaches to them.

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People usually bind Phoenix to ticking skills, and it works exactly as you described.

But why would you want runes to have dmg redux lol?

So they can be finally safe from Zantai’s nerfs?

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I guess you already know but i like assigning Phoenix to Judgment on my Paladin because also Heart of Wrath is able to proc Phoenix.
I didnt know that at first. Observed it on my own. And now i like Phoenix alot on such a build because its very high OA potential with Paladin.


Yeah, I know, I am using it as Bat activator on one build (has 100% activation so Bat fires as many times as aura ticks) and Eldritch Fire activator on another build).

Runes are Pets? Paging DR @Maya

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Yes, Runes are player based pets iirc.

@Maya don’t play runes, so they are not real pets. Simple as that :smile:

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