[Feedback] Pierce Rimetongue Sabo is still lacking a lot

I tried this build probably a year ago, now decided to give it another spin to see if anything changed (back then it was an ugly brother of cold one). long story short, build is still trash.

I tried multiple GTs, mostly these two:

made about 10 runs, finished like 3-4 and then died in the most miserable manner in others. here are successful runs.

now to the feedback itself.

positive moments - Grenado + BoW actually does good damage to trapped targets, and blowing up shit with it is pretty fun. genuinely enjoyed it. also build has w/e decent stats in HP, OA/DA and CC-res.

negative moments - pretty much everything else.

  • Gildor is a pretty miserable weapon having a damage value of some 1h. it’s pretty stacked with mods but the weapon itself suffers from being both pierce and ranged and having abysmal %damage values.
  • Build has almost no sustain. Harp is almost mandatory as otherwise you simply run out of energy and LL is lacking.
  • Blade Spirits just do nothing. You have three of them, at 26/16, with full conversion and almost double the pierce flat and all of that still results in 80k dps on a dummy. I think you can slap on 4th one freely and double the damage and it still won’t be op.
  • overall damage is not top-tier. crowds of mobs get destroyed pretty fast but Nemesis and Bosses may take a way longer time and some of them are really dangerous (looking at you, Kaisan - and Fabius, btw).

what I suggest?

  • increase the damage on Gildor’s Pulverizer drastically. I think it’s really safe to increase it to sth like 392% average and it won’t be any kind of OP.
  • Blade Spirits need buffs. They look like another skill massacred after being too strong in buffed Crucible some years ago.
  • genuinely don’t know what to do with sustain problems.

if anyone has similar experience to mine, please share it!


tried the build after latest buffs.

issues, as you can see, are pretty much the same.
my main concern is that BS spirits don’t do jackshit - they lag behind and come to the party when everyone has already left. also damage is kinda hilariously bad. I made another thread specifically about this.

my suggestions stay pretty much the same:

  • increase the damage on Gildor to 300-350% average, maybe even hogher. there’s probably no way it will be OP in this universe even with these values.
  • sth has to be done with BS. in current state - and, well, in this current setup - they’re nothing more than a proccer skill.
  • sustain also could’ve been better on this one but wcyd (maybe add phys res to Rimetongue set, just maybe?)

hmm i agree with alot of your points expecialy when it comes to the blades skill being very slow… always falling behind… i dont quite agree about your dps tho… overhaul seems good… i mean im playing a pet build i got like half your dps :stuck_out_tongue: . thing is im doing sr 85± with him and i really felt the need to reduce it to get some sustain… so i prolly could do more too dunno. either way i also ddnt look at your build or whatever, im just generaly speaking / comparing to one of my best chars. and i also not playing public test :slight_smile:

it’s pretty mediocre by both caster and overall standards, most good builds run low5 and top-builds do sub5.

in this PT, they’re absolutely mad rn.

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sounds fun, maybe i should try it a bit :slight_smile: if i get the time… thank you for posting the videos anyways i enjoyed watching… and if it makes you feel any better i also hate fabius xD he eats my pets alive sometimes and keeps reseting agro :wink:

So i tryed it yeh lol and the dps increase was nice on the pets i can feel it but weirdly enough using the same exact build i can clear 85 better in the current version with less dps… im dieing way more fast in the PT version… and its so much more bad performance … did they increase sr dificulty in the play test ? and i still only doing half of your dps anyways :wink: tho im still trying for 85 not sure if it makes much of a diference :stuck_out_tongue: maybe unlucky with sr debuffs but have the felling theres alot mroe stuff almost one shootng me on play test then on current version…