Feedback regarding Aether damage items for non-Arcanist combos

I’d like to preface this by saying that I have no idea what I’m doing ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

I’ve been trying to make an Aether Bone Harvest Apostate and found a few roadblocks.

  1. There are no good two-handed melee weapons with a lot of flat Aether that give + to all skills in Necromancer or Inquisitor.

    • For swords Temporal Arcblade focus on Arcanists.
    • Axes don’t have an Aether legendary and Soulsplitter is probably not good enough. Korvan Reaping Halberd may be okay with proper rolls and enough conversion?
    • Fleshwarped Core again focuses on Arcanist but lacks support for Necro and Inquisitor.
  2. Vitality to Aether conversion items are all competing for the chest slot it seems but I was trying to use Bonemonger set for this.

    • So can Bonemonger chest piece get some vit > aether conversion? 3pc set with the phys resist is too important to give up IMO but maybe you can do without it. Was trying to use Death’s Reach for the CDR but this is probably not needed.
    • Vitality > Aether on MI belts has +1 to Arcanist which once again isn’t too useful.
    • I think most rings were awful too since most of them were for arcanist stuff and drain essence for necro support.

Thanks for reading, nerds.

I’ve wondered about why there doesn’t appear to be a high end 2h aether weapon for death knights as well. The soulsplitter is strong for the level and rarity it’s at, but doesn’t seem to quite match up to late game options.

Sometimes every single build combination is just not going to be uber-strong. Some weird combos might have to accept a little bit of weakness. That said, there are a few points:

  1. I doubt Bonemonger will get any new bonuses. It is actually almost too strong right now.

  2. There is this Apostate DW bonemonger set Aether melee with aether items, one giving a free autoattack skill. And this DW Bonemonger Opressor. Both have good aether melee weapons and no arcanist.

  3. Now if I were a betting type, I’d suggest that your best bet would be to come up with tweaks for the epic Mythical Conduit 2H sword.. Imho it’s unlikely that Crate will evolve a legendary towards your idea, but Crate is revising epic items in the near future. This sword needs a couple of things, mostly Attack speed. 45% conversion of elemental to aether would make this a perfect fit for the bonemonger set, but ehh…idk if that would happen…although I’ve never seen this sword used over any legendary for an elemental focus.

In this case you’d use bonemonger set + the conversion belt and you’d have mostly full conversion. In fact right now, if you can stomach only having 3/4 of the bonemonger set, you could convert ~75% of elemental to aether by using a different chest piece…as this 2H has a lot of elemental flat for conversion. You can use the Magelord epic ring set to convert 50% of elemental to aether.

But the majority of the aether RR is on the 4/4 set and you’d probably only be around 160% attack speed with devotions, not counting ghoul’s proc.