[Feedback] The log arena from SR 46-60 needs to be bigger or moved.

EDIT: Zantai confirmed this arena will be bigger next patch.

This arena is far too small to do anything properly at this level of SR. The other arena is so much better and a lot of my runs have been ending before I can even get to 60 simply because I get the log arena, which is so tiny that there literally isn’t any room to kite or reposition. Were I to get the same boss combos in the fleshworks arena, they’d be far more doable. Sometimes this isn’t the case, obviously – sometimes some of the boss combos are just too ridiculous (anasteria, benn jahr, inarah, and idk what else but it was bad) but a vast majority of the time I’m in the fleshworks arena, i can make it through.

It really doesn’t help this case that all the arenas in 30-45 and 60+ parts of SR are far bigger than this one, either.

This arena has much more of a place at the lower SRs where you don’t really have that many bosses. Some of the lowest SR arenas are bigger than the log one even… So IMO either make the log arena substantially bigger or move it down and move one of the bigger arenas from the lower level SRs up.

Yes, it should be changed to appear at a lower level.

+1. I have found that due to the log arena, the 45-60 levels were on average actually harder than 60+.

We are working on expanding the Loghorrean and the Fleshworks themed boss levels are getting enlarged in a future update.

And what about the Statue arena?

After SR60+ the boss chunks rotate only between that one and the Lava one (which is great arena with plenty of tactical options).

However the statue one is on the same level of frustration generator as the Fleshworks and Log ones (maybe a tiny bit less i concur but still awful).

Please, add some 20% more terrain to it with some obstacles to allow tactical approach to ultra hard combos.

Does this involve applying email-advertised substances into the crown hill vents?

Sounds great. Thank you!