[Feedback] Warborn Cadence is still bad (examples with videos inside)

I agree. It´s about the gap between these classes which should be wider.

But I think you have to look why Dervish is performing like it does.

I know the answer to this question and can write it to you in pm. Because here, the real question is, why is Warborn Cadence Warlord/Death Knight performing at the same level or worse than Warborn Dervish?

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@mad_lee, BTW what about other cadence builds (including variants with other damage types) - are they worse compared to warborn or the same/better?

P.S: Did Dervish get buffs in recent patches?

That´s the same medal just from different sides. :slight_smile:

What you might do is to test the set (and it is about the set) on e. g. Warder (with Cadence) or Archon to see what data you get there.

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Best I can do either a Physical dmg pet build or a Warborn Pet build, both which should be able to kill Ravager and pass SR 80 :woman_shrugging:

I suppose the idea of the post is player that is going to do only physical builds just like you’re doing only pets and @Rhylthar only bleeding ones.

So physical Cadence masochist, I mean enthusiast :smile:


Is there even a good DW phys Cadence build outside of Reaver’s Claws?

I’m not sure Warborn itself has anything to do with the issue. It’s the nature of phys. dmg and how 1H Cadence is bad for it. I say the skill should be buffed, not the set.

Dervish performs better because of RF. RF has a lot of converted dots, it has 82% WPS with full WPS+RF dmg, 62% of strikes hit multiple targets = trash is more reliable cleared by dots. In the videos you can clearly see how Warlord has higher single target dmg output but multiple heroes slow it down. Dervish on the other hand goes through packs pretty fast.

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Starts working on Cadence Pet Hybrid


Hey, man, if you have any further questions that are not Warborn Cadence related (so off-topic), I will happiliy answer them in the pm or in our Discord. Last time answering here :slight_smile:: there is one example of godly Cadence build it’s a Pierce Shattered Guardian Blademaster with two Reaver Claws (easy sub-6 minute runs in Crucible + it’s an uber tank that did Shard 90 before new waystones iirc). Aether Krieg Cadence is pretty decent (6-7 minute timers, maybe sub-6 on a Death Knight), Elemental Cadence is awful (I am talking about double Malakor’s Tactician), two-handed Cadence is awful (any color), cold Cadence is below mediocre (Deathmarked Blademaster).

I am not sure it’s about the set, I think it’s the skill and the physical damage itself. Don’t know how comparing Warder and Archon can give us any meaningful result: classes are too different (not only different auto-attacks, but different RR and thus different devotion maps). In the example from the op two builds have similiar RR (Dervish has less flat) and same devotion map, so we are directly comparing Physical Cadence, supported by a set and synergy from both masteries to gimmicky Physical RF.

Only Krieg I think. I absolutely agree, that the problem lies deeper: it’s partly Cadence itself and partly Physical damage, but every time I am bringing that up Zantai dismisses it. So I have made a very simple and yet powerful example that exposes how poor Cadence actually is.

To stay on topic, so what exactly is Dervish bringing to the table that makes it perform this well?

That’s… not very accurate wording here :smile:

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It’s not performing that “well” really. It’s Physical Cadence that performs poorly and Dervish looks good in comparison because it’s a gimmicky build that performs at the same level or slightly better. Synergetic dual-wielders perform in totally different leagues.

Yes, but my question was more about why the gimmicky build is showing comparable results. At first sight, it would seem like the Warlord should do much better comparatively.

Okay…you want nearly the same RR to compare so Shaman isn’t the mastery to test. What about Witchblade and/or Oathkeeper/Occultist (Oppressor?)? Just to see their performance, just for Cadence and/or set.

Just at the moment I am under the impression that Warborn (with Cadence) isn’t performing better on masteries which are directly supported by it so it’s (too) generic. If Cadence and/or Set should be changed…can’t say.

Imo that’s all there is to it

So, out of curiosity how would RF Warlord fare in comparison?

And would the solution here be to increase the number of targets for Cadence then?

That’s why I made this thread. I think it’s because Physical Cadence is currently very weak and suffers both the problems of Physical damage and the skill itself.

Again, comparing Opressor to Warlord would have too many variables: different sets of RR, different devotion maps. I think the comparison in the op is as close to being objective as it can be.


What about witch blade with warborn set?

It’s one of the worse Warborns, it’s been tested by me and Nery, I even made a special thread about it.

Worth testing

I’d say in the ideal sutiation the buff must be smth more complex than that. Cadence itself is weak. DW phys Cadence is the worst. If you just make a universal buff to the skill you won’t solve the issue of the gap.

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