Feeling unmotivated to start a new character and going through same content again. Need advice.

I just finished game with 2H Savagery Elementalist after leveling it to 100. Did some farming with it and decided to start a new character. Began leveling a soldier and the experience is kinda lack luster for me now. Don’t feel like playing at all.

Like the game experience has dried up for me. What’s more to look forward to? I beat all the difficulties and the bosses. What now? Has anyone experienced it? Maybe I should try to level up with another class, like caster or conjurer type.

With Elementalist, I was happy collecting loot and looking forward to optimizing my stats and dps. With new character killing same enemies and wading through same content feels like such a chore. One thing I’m thinking is that I should reinstall the game and start a new fresh character. I’m feeling lost here. Can someone offer me some advice on how to begin enjoying the game once more?

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My ideas

Take a break, there are more games to play

Or get GD stash and make finished level 100 toon

Why should you re-install the game in order to start fresh?

I am using GD stash to store epics and legendaries that I’ve found. When I started Elementalist I had no pre found gear and had to grind a lot to get iron bits, mats and lightning based weapons. I want recreate that feeling with a new start. Maybe.:sweat_smile:

Man I think I will take a break and resume playing after new DLC has released. I just can’t seem to get excited like I was with my first play through. I really like this game and I want to play it but as soon as I log in start killing enemies I don’t feel as excited as I used to.:sweat: No sense of wonder or that feeling of satisfaction on finding the relevant gear, just when I was about to log off for the day. Small things like that kept me going for hours. Well not anymore.

Thanx for replying.:slightly_smiling_face:

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like malawiglenn said, take a break. do something else its the best curative for
repetitive activity.

or play in short bursts. like 1 hour per day or something. gd is not a racing
game anyway.

What’s your crucible times with your elementalist? Set a goal to max them. Soon you’ll realize that there’s a huge limit to what you can do with an elementalist even with BiS in every slot. Start a new character to beat your record.

Have you really beaten ALL bosses? If you’ve beaten Ravager with an elementalist I’d really like to see the gt!

Nope, not by a long shot. I had trouble with Moosilauke at first too. Then I farmed for Mythical legendaries to beat him, mainly Champion of the Light. I haven’t beaten them all. Just cleared the main campaigns and bosses.
I barely defeated the boss in Ancient Grove. Can’t kill Mogdrogen, tried it on both normal and elite. In Crucible I only went upto wave 70 I think no Challenger and wave 160 on Aspirant.

Maybe I will try to set and beat personal records. Yep. This playstyle is good too. I will try it. Thanx.

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did you try this guide? http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66518

Yes. I did. The thing is I’m looking for more ways on how other people get their enjoyment out of this game. For me once I’ve cleared main campaign the game is over. I tried grinding for completing my collection of GD stash but gave it up after few tries.

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For me Grim Dawn is an ARPG where you make many many chars. I really like the replay-ability and how to build up characters from scratch. I also try to level up faster and safer than what I have done before, and trying learn more about the world the game takes place in.

Everybody can “clear the main campaign”. Perhaps you can take a break and then see if you can “beat the game” without dying more than say 3 times and only play with solo self found loot (i.e. no item xfers)

Yup. I can do that. I will try my luck with HC characters then. Never did it since Diablo 2.

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So I guess one could say “I wanna get better at the games I enjoy”

Yup. Exactly. I’ll keep on doing more experimentation. Just started following a Familiar Conjurer for beginners guide. I’m trying to speed level it in Crucible. Though I could only level it to 21 in 90 minutes. Will try to be a bit faster with next alts.

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Yes, embrace the way of the pets!! :smiling_imp:

Tbh something that PoE did great was to give you a more random experience of the endgame content which motivates you to go throught the campaing. And yea the campaing on that game is poop but at least you can put some leveling gear and roflstomp it in 3 hours.

Yes. And one of the MP advantages of PoE is that you can hire/get friends to drop some portals near the waypoints for even faster leveling. This allows for quick acts. Maybe you can do this also in GD - I’ve never tried to get in MP (Gog version). Quest order may restrict this.

Btw, will the ultimate start in FG make all waypoints known? That would also be nice.

Or you can use GDstash and put your new character at a certain lvl were you are confortably with and the right amount of skill ,attribute and devotion points accordly ,without the skill/attribute quest reward of course ( do not cheat here, get info on it ) and finally active all the portal in all difficulty .

I did for the first time recently for a new char and it make my day on the game less boring.

Thats actually pretty good idea. I’ve started Leveling single masteries to lvl 50 and keeping a backup file of them instead of starting from scratch next time. Currently I’ve Occultist and Shaman.

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I have started with this “rule” for myself. If I take one char to level 94, I can “split” that char into 2 with GDstash and refund their skills, attributes etc

I’ll keep that in mind and try it with my lvl 100 Elementalist and create a Crucible farmer if possible.

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