Fence problems ( Wooden fence ( Destroyed )

Fence problems.

A lot of the wooden fencing is destroyed.
I stopped the game 2 hours ago and did a reload just a few mins ago.
Now i have the following problem.
The gates are still up and its not all of the fencing.

Yes i did a reload of the savegame and also the whole game

First load

After the reload

After the restart of the whole game ( incl. Steam ) The fence is just falling

I had this issue in a smaller scale, then noticed that the deer seemed to be attacking it? or maybe I just blamed them?

@shabbysuite u just blamed them for no reason :stuck_out_tongue:

i have no problem after the reloads i did this evening.

This is caused by the problems with buildings integrity introduced with 0.7.5 patch. It drops fast and asks for ton of materials to repair plus builders time. It drops hard on save load.

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