Few questions about damage multiplication

How I understood it is that default attack replacers work as a multiplier, even for WPS. So if I have 120% RF for example and use execute it’s 230+230= 460% wpn damage x 1.2

How I understood it this also multiplies dots and flat damage sources (hence why flat damage is so good?). So with a spellbreaker, if you land 3 executes in a row with overload, being lucky and hitting all 3 elemental dots - ALL THREE DOTS gets amped by 460% for their duration. Is this also correct?

I read though, that hellhound and pet wpn% damage, does not work as a multiplier. So if I would to play a warlock. My pet triggering overload would not get 1.5x multiplier to the dots? I hope this is outdated info and got fixed.

Basically. Just want to confirm that the formula is attack replacer = multiplier, multiplies wpn% damage and flat damage sources. Also affects dots. But do pet procs gain full benefit of wpn% multiplication?

If I was to go a briarthorn with overload as an example, all overload procs - would they be affected by %wpn damage as with players? The confusion here is that I read somewhere that it’s different for pets. But like I say maybe that’s an old bug that got fixed dunno.

In theory yes.

I’d be surprised if this was the case but it could just be old info depending on what post/area you read it from and it’s date. Pets have gone through a lot of changes over the years. Keep in mind that unless stated otherwise that a pet’s default attack will always deal 100% weapon damage. I think the main/only way for them to go higher is through their special skills like Lightning Strike for the Familiar or Ember Claw for the Hellhound.

Unfortunately, pet DoTs don’t showcase the numbers visually in the same way as a player so the only way to test DoTs with them reliably would be with GrimInternals.

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Thanks Baka. Ember claw is 150%+ wpn dmg later on. So dots like overload prob isn’t amplified by this wpn damage multiplier?

I would assume they are multiplied by Ember Claw’s 100+% weapon damage but don’t have a way of testing it.

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