Few questions about Retaliation mechanics

I haven’t seen this answered anywhere else, so just asking here.

  1. Does retaliation damage get modified by resistances? For instance, if I’m stacking pierce and physical retaliation and I reduce enemy physical resistance, will I see higher damage?

2)Damage over time retaliations: Do instances of it stack or is it like other damage over time in that the timer resets for the set amount of damage?

  1. Yes. Although pierce RR is hard to come by on classes that synergize with retaliation.

  2. An enemy hitting you will refresh the duration, so they don’t stack. (But multiple pieces of gear with DoT retaliation do stack if that’s what you’re asking.)

  1. Yes, it works as any other non-retaliation damage type.
  2. They work the same way as other DoTs. For example, if your pants apply 300 burn over 3 secs, and gauntlets 500 over 5 secs, you deal 600 burn over 3 seconds and then 200 over 2 seconds.

Alright, thanks for the help

It’s worth noting that Retaliation DoTs stack with regular DoTs.

My burn retaliator can get up to 90K burn crits. It’s also worth noting that retaliation damage cannot crit but can when stacked by regular DoTs.

Are you certain of this? I would imagine that only the normal burn would crit and the retaliation would not, and then for the display their damage would combine and show as a crit. I haven’t tested it so I’m not refuting you but I’m curious to know if it actually crits.

Perhaps what I wrote was a bit ambiguous.
The retaliation DoT does not crit, but magnifies regular DoT crits.

I could post a vid against Moosy. The moment he tries his double bitch slap you’ll see the crits fly. But generally speaking most retaliation builds struggle to crit anything.