FG Faction

So im left with a choice between 3 factions and im assuming much like the other factions whatever build/class im playing could have a bearing on my choice vs what i need to drop for my build so in this case with a Warlord which faction ends up being the best choice for the best access to items for my class on average?

you can get revered with all three

what is of most interest is that the one you choose you will get revered with first

Go and look at each faction table first and see if there are any armor, augments, rings etc that have physical damage, + soldier/oathkeeper skills

Then make your choice

Note, you still have access to all three tables, but since you will be doing more quests for the faction you chose, you will naturally become revered with that faction first.

Thank You. Also is CDR (cooldown reduction) intended NOT to work on any skill granted by items?

For example CDR has no effect on Oleron’s Might

exactly, it does not affect skills granted by items. I am pretty sure this is intentional

Ok sweet thats exactly what i needed to know thanks! \m/