FG Release Time

Anyone know exactly what time(GMT) FG will be released/available on Wednesday?

I have read/seen 1pm and 5pm, thanks.

i also want to know this since theres 0 info about it

I wanna say 1PM EDT but I’m not sure.

I am not sure there is an exact time that Steam always uses, but since they tell you how many hours from now it will be released, I’d go with that as your best estimate.

Generally speaking it is around noon EST.

well i figured since they said 27th meaning at midnight you could play but i guess not

It’s 1PM EDT. Our pre-release stream starts at 11AM EDT.

It’s 27th here in the Philippines and FG releases at 1am on the 28th. It feels like I’m waiting for one whole day for release :frowning: This is one of the times where I wish the whole world has uniform time zones.

Curious how the other players from SE Asia or nearby feel. Thajabrixone? Spanks? (Are you even in SG now?)

the fact that we have time zones and where relative to yours the US is cannot be a new concept. So everyone should already have been able to realize this months ago instead of now being surprised by this…

If anyone needs to convert time, use this tool.


I jst bought Ashes of Malmouth on GOG (already own it on Steam) to support the devs AND in case I don’ receive my free key for Forgotten Gods early enough, so that I can buy it on GOG in the meantime.:smiley:

what free key ?

Knowing the facts doesn’t always make you feel better about things. I knew about this weeks ago but the feeling of waiting too long only really manifested itself like yesterday.

maybe it helps to know that you wait as long as everyone else. We started waiting earlier by those same hours you now feel you have to wait longer :wink:

Going off of his signature, he has worked on the French translation :p. All translators receive a free key.

I’m in China and it’s already 27th 3PM now, can’t wait~

Will it be released in GOG at the same timing on the 28th at 1am?

what i was saying? ignore ._.

Will it be released in GOG at the same timing on the 28th at 1am?