FG Skillpoints

I was told that we get new skillpoints and attribute points to mess around with in FG. What quests do we complete to get those? I don’t think i’ve gotten any yet lol

shards 5/15/25 in the Shattered Realm grant skillpoints

There are four skill points and two attribute points in FG. To get them all, complete FG story on Ultimate (maybe side quests too I can’t remember atm) and complete through level 25 of Shattered Realm. That will give you everything.

Aked that also some days ago. Grimtools has updated since then and here’s the list:


Basically: Finish Campagin, get to Shard 25 of SR and finish the Messenger (Side quest line)

Sweet thanks guys! I did the lvl 25 shattered realm on elite and didn’t get anything. I have to do it on ultimate I guess?

There are the quests in grimtools. U can check. U can get 3 skill and 1 attri by the shatterd realm. 1 skill to finish ultimate fg. 1 attri to do a side quest. All of this have to do on ultimate.