Fields - Weed Level does not reduce

Field maintenance does not reduce weed level. After year or two of only maintenance at fields, weed level at 100%. Also no crop get planted as well.

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Are you just doing maintenance or have some crop rotations as well? Buckwheat will help with weed suppression.

I did a full year with “maintenance-clover-maintenance” and have no more rockyness and less weeds.
Each year I plant either clover or one of both beans. It increases fertility and removes weeds.
Haven’t played too long yet but I have a field with no rockyness, 2% weeds and 71 fertility (after compost).

With a new field I usually do 2 year maintenance to reduce weed level and rockiness to zero. Somehow at four new fields that doesn’t work. Buckwheat did reduce weed level to 95%, but 0 got planted

My bad, I had no workers assigned at the field. Question remains why no workers were assigned automatically as were the case at fields before.

There was a bug that should be corrected in the first patch (if I understood correctly)

Maintenance is a bad thing (don’t know if intended), since it removes rocks. Just clower + backwheat is all you need.

Why would you want rocks in your field? :thinking:

it tickles the farmer’s feet :smirk:

Might be a bug, but the tooltip says that rocks add total harvest, not remove, like for weeds. Or maybe because at 20-30 rock level it still says +yield insted of -, but maybe thats jsut bad wording and at 0 is more +, hard to tell since all my fields are at 0 rock even with no maintenance :frowning:

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I’m confused about the whole rockiness thing, myself.

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