Fighting Spirit cooldown

I have Fighting Spirit on an 8 second buff with 12 second cooldown. It oddly only starts the cooldown after the buff ends. (8 second buff, then the buff icon starts anew, counting down a 12 second CD)
This isn’t how my actives worn (My Overguard is 8 seconds with 12 second CD and it’s back up after 4 seconds), or my Juggernaut relic (6 second duration with 3 second cooldown can keep 100% uptime).

Is Fighting Spirit acting right?

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This is how it and other similar passive-activated buffs like Arcane Will or Blast Shield work yes, it’s not a bug or anything else.

For another one in Soldier - Menhir’s Will works the same as Fighting Spirit.

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Hmm… perhaps the description should be changed to make things consistent. Calling it 8 seconds with a 20 second recharge would be in line with everything else.
Unless it’s to ensure that you can’t give passives 100% uptime with CDR? But that could be solved with a minimum CD.

I’m going to update the wiki for all the passive skills with CDs if they all act this way. Does a note with: “As a passive skill, the Skill Recharge timer starts after the buff duration expires.” sound about right?


I don’t know why it’s the way it is, just that it works the way you’ve seen and experienced, I’ve never questioned it :man_shrugging:.

Sounds about right to me. You might even want to add a note as well that these passive buffs on cooldown have a red-background on their icon above the health bar to show the recharge timer. For example, the far right icon below: