Filter for skills?

I cannot imagine that this hasn’t been suggested 1000 times before, but could we please get a search bar for the skills pages, like on the devotions page?

(I can’t find any other suggestion for this, but if I’ve missed something obvious please correct me.)

Yes, I know, there are far fewer skills as compared to devotions, and half the people on this forum probably have every skill memorized, but for new and casual players, it would really help.

I’ve got about 500 hours under my belt but still keep trying new classes and builds. It’s really confusing to try and keep all those skills straight. When I get a new item that shows it gives me “+2 SomeAwesomeSkill” I often have to go back and mouse over every skill in both trees to try and figure out where it is.

Some are simple and obvious like, in Arcanist, PRM, TSS, and AFF. But what about Absolute Zero and Frozen Core? They sound the same, so which modifies which? Distortion vs Overload? Is Intensify on Demolitionist or Inquisitor…and WHERE? (Intensify WHAT, you may ask.)

So…please…a search bar. Nothin’ fancy. Just a search bar, like everywhere else.


Don’t know if they will add a search bar for skills, but skills greyed out on an item means they are not part of your mastery combination and skills marked yellow means they are part of your mastery combination. So you don’t have to wonder if they are or aren’t part of your skill selection.

Yes, and I am thankful for that highlighting every day. :slight_smile: It helps. Just not enough.

As an aside, I gather people used to feel overwhelmed by Devotions, like it was too high a bar for new players. As a new player, I can say I have never felt overwhelmed by devotions, precisely because I have the tool necessary to wrap my head around them - the search bar filter. It works.

Search bar for devotions wasn’t a thing until rather recently.

Exactly my point. :slight_smile: Don’t know what I would have done without it…

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