Final Boss question

I have a question regarding the final boss
I was testing how my “Pure Inquisitor” Tactician build (Inquisitor with some Soldier Passives) i’m trying to do is capable of fighting the final boss of the base game, Loghorrean,the Voice of Ch’thon, to see if I can hit him hard (Testing on Elite… for now, with Ch’thonic reputation at “Nemesis”) and guess what: he’s at level 103 capable of taking 13% of my health in one attack.
Is it a bug or is my Build not that good for that guy?

PS: I’m playing version on GoG

He has %hp dmg with some attacks but they have decent downtime, the only dangerous skill is vomit in melee range leading to all projectiles hitting you


yeah. also to note: Log has VERY visible cue’s as to what attack he’s going to spit out. rearing up with a greenish aura around him? puke attack, which get the fuck outta the way cause this is the one that does %HP damage.

If it has a red aura it’s going to be the chaos barrage summon attack

Your pure build is missing a few things. With no attack damage converted to health and no way to regain health other than potions you are going to struggle. I am baffled by your devotion choices. Why take huntress and messenger? Aura of censure is currently completely lacklustre. Aura of Conviction will give you a massive boost. Inquisitor’s seal is excellent. I don’t want to say anything is must have but seal and word of renewal are super important. How are you finding using all the runes? I found them lacklustre and kind of annoying personally.

Geez… Time for me to sort through all of this:

How can I do that? and keep my resistances up?

Mind you, I’ve been working on this build since that’s why I chose those. Any suggestions?

Really?, dammit I loved that ability T-T

Yep it is

Rune of Kalastor is a “dump skillpoints” ability, I only use Rune of Hagarad for offensive and BOY isn’t it awesome.
Also is any soldier passive necessary or can I simply remove it?

EDIT: I didn’t see you there:

Thanks for the tip ^^

Your build can definitely take care of Ultimate Loghorrean. I’d mostly just work on learning the strategies/cues of the fight itself. Getting Inquisitor Seal is definitely a good way to stay alive should you make a mistake. Try this:

I’d also move the Healing Rain proc from Tree of Life to some other buff, so that Deadly Aim doesn’t need to be active for the proc to activate.

What’s different from my build?

In terms of devotions I’d work it around to get viper and crown. You could pick up chariot of the dead.

Field command is incredibly useful and squad tactics. Veterancy is not essential and in fact very few builds tend to take it that aren’t centred around health generation. On a shooting/kiting build you want your stun resist either maxed or as close to maxed as you can get it. I’d also probably think about cadence as well. It just depends how attached you are to your mines? You could drop ranged expertise down to 14 points without losing much. I’m pretty sure that the hagarrad and the storm box defensive reduction don’t stack.

Here are my thoughts;

One of the component switches would be expensive but for future reference any armour stat boost applied to the belt applies across all of your armour. I’d find some better gloves to support the build as well. Not sure about seal of resonance. I’d think about possibly using seal of blades for the attack damage converted to health.

I’m not the best build creator but that was just from looking at what you are working with. I don’t know what components you have access to but consider runebound topaz. Hope this helps.

Don’t listen to the naysayers about Aura of Censure - as long as you are comfortable with close encounters the resistance reduction from it is well worth it!

Although you do need to be tanky enough to be comfortable with said close encounters.

Btw, if Rune of Kalastor is just being a ‘point dump’ you should definitely move those points into Word of Renewal, Steel Resolve, and Vigor (at least one each, more if you can find spare points somewhere) will help alot to toughen you up, also gives some more auto-attack damage.

Is this a gunplay build or a runes based bomber man build? You seem to be mixing the two and not sure if/how well that’d work…

Well i’m using GD stash, Grim Dawn build Calculator, and the game to make my build.
I’ll test this out.

it’s a Dual Gun/Rune/Luminari’s Regalia based build

By the looks of things it might work

I’m attached to the Rune of Hagarrad

I’ll test it as soon as possible

you could combine this suggestion with up above but please: Don’t take the Luminari’s Regalia set: it’s important for the build

I’m using GD stash to make this build so you can go bonkers on it (Luminari’s Regalia is required)

This build isn’t to be a tank

you could post your ideas here

It’s more of a Dual Pistol/Rune/Luminari’s Regalia build

Post-Original-Reply deletion EDIT: Did some Testing with a modified version of Woofknight’s tip (Mostly equipment change) and I did it!
Finally defeated Loghorrean,the Voice of Ch’thon (On Elite, with Ch’thonian reputation at nemesis)
took me a few minutes and some spamming of Word of Renewal and Inquisitor Seal but that helped.
Thanks everyone

Good to hear it worked out. Good luck with Ultimate it will be a step up in the difficulty level especially if your build isn’t up to par.

Thanks ^-^

Had you not said that you wanted to retain the “Inquisitor feel” I’d have recommended you to go with pure Physical Rune build

You can aim for that in ultimate. Not an optimized setup though