Finally facetanked th socks off MQ

Well that felt good, and all it took was respec one of my warders to retaliation with 21k hp and 1400 hp/sec with no CD overguard. His block is only like 70% chance but blocks about 6k buffed.

Never went below 60% usually stayed at around 90%. Iā€™m sure many folks can FT her without circuit breakers or pots but I had never even been close. For pure retaliation bank vault I still think warder is the best- wendigo and HoM are indispensable :stuck_out_tongue:

I will never understand why people these days have to use abbreviations for EVERYTHING. Does it hurt your fingers to type? I had to think for like half a minute to realize by ā€œMQā€ you were probably referring to the Mad Queen.