Finally finished my first Solo Campaign in Grim Dawn!

First ever playthrough for Grim Dawn completed. A good friend recommended it to me, and while it did start a bit slow, the build crafting and gameplay just got better and better.

It took awhile to run through the campaign because for some reason I opted into Veteran, and while I initially tried to play and avoid deaths, I was humbled down by an Ancient Spirit Totem with Gargantuans trapping me and then red-shaded ghouls beating me down.
It got better after because at that point I’m not afraid to die as much and I can just go ham on enemies.

Very fun game and finding other items that are not for my build makes me excited to try other buiilds now!

Build was a fire paladin.


Nice work :slight_smile: Now you can jump into Elite or Ultimate (depending on your resistances) and get to L100 and all the devotions levelled up… unless the itch to start a new character is too strong! A lot of people, myself included, end up with a whole bunch of toons at varying levels and haven’t been through Ultimate or reached L100 because it’s too fun to start new ideas.

Though >2K hours later I’m still enjoying levelling new ideas (!), I’m just better at getting to 100 and clearing all the content now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ohhh definitely interested in going through Elite/Ultimate. My build has not been fully realized yet (Ranged Fire Paladin with RF and Seals), just because this FG MI Poke stick is so strong and synergizes really well with my current build. Hopefully my next characters won’t take 54hours to complete tho :sweat_smile: