Finally i've found out what's wrong with GD's Character design...

Something was always wrong with the caracters and they were from an aesthetic point of view nothing but horrible, but i’ve never figured out what it was, until now.

I often asked myself is it basically a problem with the basic poly-model? Textures maybe? Or maybe proportional apects? wait a minute! Bingo! It’s the freaking legs & The footwear! The boots are way too massive. :furious:

Boots always look like inflatable boats and some even like whole cargo ships and the legs like knock knees, not to mention it often felt like i’m playing an armed clown.

Please for the sake of aesthetics, change this ASAP :slight_smile:

I would like it we were at least allowed the option of changing our body size. not worried about face/hair models as these are covered up anyhooo.

And the shoulder items. It’s common for character designs to exaggerate the boots/gloves/shoulders, especially since what you equip is visible. If they weren’t exaggerated, the gear appearing on the model wouldn’t be worth the while.

Cool beans, and thanks a bunch for listening i really appreciate the effort.