Finally Playing Grim Dawn the Way I always Dreamed of.

Totally worth the 100$

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That’s not an Elementalist!

No Asylum101 made a Lightning Mastery that I am testing right now. Will help him see how much balancing it needs and find any bugs.


That looks badass. I REQUIRE IT.

Alright, whose nips do I gotta twist to get my dream mastery?

Dual-shields yo.

ToMe’s Stone Warden dual-shields mastery is what I’m envisioning. Would be insane if we could replicate most of the skills for that.

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Not really do able at the moment without lame workarounds. Closest thing would be to make “main hand” shields and have the game read them as spears or some other unused weapons type, then just pick and choose animations and make duplicates of every in-game shield file as a “spear” so it can be used in main hand. You would also lose that spear weapon capability… Buuuut that might look weird… Something a fan of ToMe would have to investigate

Ya, I figured there would probably be some issues with the main hand deal. Hopefully in the future there will be some clean easy way to get what I want.

This looks intriguing. I look forward to its release.


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I will literally pay for a Ranged Mastery to be introduced to the Grim Dawn community

100$ to help with dev time? I’ll do it.

Either that or a Ice themed mastery.

both are already made as mods?

Plus I see so many masteries forgetting to add breakable objects into list of things possible to hit with these new skills…