Finished normal - need direction

Hi all !

Enjoyed the game thus far and looking for some guidance on gearing up for my blademaster. Still very much a noob as I continue to have fun.

I am level 49 with green and yellows for gear. I know I need to work on faction for items, but hope I can be pointed in the right direction to be efficient. Still learning acronyms so please spell them out for now.

Any tips appreciated,

Was hoping for an answer by now, but perhaps that is too broad of a question. Here is what I need help with.

Blademaster - level 54

  1. which faction should I max first?
  2. what augmentations should I use for gear. Especially for weapons?
  3. what accessories should I be going after? made?
  4. I noticed the some augs or even items have a granted skill. Does this need to be assigned to a quickslot?
    Thank you for any help


Since it is middle of the holidays, might explain why an answer is taking some time. I will try though, to the best of my abilities:

  1. Whichever is the most fun, imo :slight_smile:
  2. Depends A LOT on your build. I recommend looking here for inspiration/knowledge: Just look up BM`s.
  3. Same as #2. As a rule of thumb though, I always strive to max resistances. Then, depending on my build, I add components based on mana need, attack speed, more resistances, etc.
  4. Some of them, not all. If it is an added skill that is automatic, it will often say something like “30% on attack”, or “100% on critical attack”. If not, it says if it needs to activated as an aura, or if its an active skill like a fireball you need to cast. For many builds, something like Olerons Blood can be very beneficial due to reduced damage from enemies. Or something that give reduced resists (RR) on enemies can be very good for a bleed build, among others.
  1. Homestead, Rovers, Kymons’ Chosen, Order of Death’s Vigil and The Outcast are the low hanging fruits - by the end of the 2nd difficulty you will be (almost) revered with them. Devils Crossing and especially the Black Legion can require some effort. If you feel their faction items are most beneficial to you, then do some extra bounties and buy their writs.
  2. I tend to use weapon augments, which provide extra health.
  3. I rarely use accessories from the quartermasters, but as a new player you might find something there.
  4. Yes, if these granted skills do not have a trigger condition - like all skills of the weapon and off-hand components.