Finishing Normal

Hello All

My first character just killed Log (level 51) in Normal.
I did Step of Torment when I happened to get there (used the key and made it to the end)

I completed I think about everything there is. Would probly need a guide to see if I missed any One-Shot Chest / ??? / Shrine (I know of one loked by energy that I couldn’t active…seem to be the only one I’m missing).

I did the hidden Path (including killing Rashalga)

Most Faction are at Honored (DC, Rovers, Kymon, Homestead, Black Legion is near)

I did Bastion of Chaos till the point where you need the Key.

What I didn’t do

  • Port Valubury
  • Bastion of Chaos Skeleton Key part (is there another area needing one?)
  • Sorceress quest in Fort Ikhon (kill her and help her unsure what I should be doing?)

Should I be doing those stuff before getting into Elite? Or should I just save material don’t do key for Normal ?

Also what about that Sorceress? Saving her? I did read it can impact negatively your reputation with other faction (Black Legion?) Should I farm Black Legion reputation and do her quest to have access to an extra shop considering it is my first character (Blueprint collection?)

Usually I move out of Normal as soon as I reasonably could.

There’s zero reason to kill Anasteria. Not sure why it’s even an option nowadays. Don’t worry about BL rep, most of it comes from bounties anyway, so doing her quests will result in you doing maybe 2 or 3 more bounties to max BL rep - not a big deal. Anasteria’s quests yield good exp, but I won’t bother going SoT/BoC/Valbury on normal just to complete her quests there.

Don’t worry about getting full completion in normal or elite; just do the quests you want and find whatever you find in those difficulties, then move straight to ultimate as soon as you beat Loggins. Ultimate is really the only difficulty where getting full completion is even worth it.

I agree with Stupid Dragon; the only reason you’d want her as a nemesis is for a hat that is of use to a couple of builds at most, and you can get it regardless of rep in the crucible anyways. Meanwhile having her as a friend gets you some pretty fantastic augments.

Well it is my very first char so I wanted to see as much of the world I could. I know I will go through Elite damn faster and I will go through Normal with my future character a lot faster also. Thanks to knowing some area and couple of gear piece.

Looking at the GrimCheckList I have done all Quest except 2 cause of how I handled some situation. the Outcast quest and the Honored Reputation Black Legion…I won’t be farming Reputation to get there but once I hit Honored in the future I will probly come back to do it just to say That’s complete

I’m at 27 Devotion point (which would translate having found them all except for the Bastion of Chaos Shrine).

The only thing I can’t be sure are the 1 Shot-Chest but yeah they would be a pain to look through them as bunch of them have random spawn location

There are three places that need a skeleton key. The Steps Of Torment is one. Reaching that door will get you a free key and the blueprint from the NPC there. Bastion of Chaos and Port Valbury are the others.

Ok so the two place I didn’t do (Valubry at all and I made it to the gathe but didn’T have a key for Bastion of Chaos) I did Step of Torment.