Fire/Cold build help

I’m playing a Fire/Cold Sorceror early in Elite and I’ve run out of sensible ideas for where to put my skill points – advice would be much appreciated before I make the irreversible decision about which mastery to boost.

(That includes +4 to OFF and +1 to Demolitionist skills)

The basic idea is to use OFF (definitely my favourite skill) and then if necessary Canister Bomb. Because OFF reduces Fire Resist by -124%, the combination kills most things. Holdouts are shot with Conflagration or made to walk on Thermite bombs.

I have about +400% to Fire and +450% to Cold, so e.g. picking up an extra ~+80%-90% from Absolute Zero or Ulzuin’s Chosen won’t make that much difference to my damage output. When I tried them earlier, Grenado was too fiddly (not enough damage on a single target; too low radius for AOE) and the Mortar Trap was bad at actually hitting things. So I’m not too sure what to aim for…

FWIW, Boosting resists would be really nice, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do it via masteries. I have 3000 Health, which is not enough, and 4000 energy, which is. But I will improve all those via items later – I am definitely not stuck, though I am a bit fragile.

3000 health is so low, I’m at 6+k at level 40…
flat 200-300 health on each gear adds up, and gets scaled up
health and resists are my priority on gear.

I’m using OFF, Mortar and Thermite mines as my main skills.
With 18/16 on Mortar I can have 2 of them out. I freeze, debuff and then tank with mines out, so they deal a ton of damage.
BWC and Fireblast (searing ember component skill) as my spams.
I use a shield that leeches back 14% of attack damage, and has 60% vitality resist

I’m probably at only +100% fire, but I have no problems killing things fast

I’d put a point in blast shield, it helps

Devotion skill Dryad’s blessing is a big help, I have it linked to Fireblast

I don’t see why you put so many points in Mirror.
I have more in Vindictive flame, the regen and total speed is a big help

Thanks. I think having to tank normal enemies would frustrate me – OFF on its own kills most of them at the moment, and adding the canister bomb definitely does it.

Skills: I’m not using BWC because I don’t have the + to Burn. Did have a point in Blast Shield; just forgot to update it on GrimCalc. Mirror was mostly for parking skill points. I used to use Greater Fireblast, but conflagration is way more powerful.

I have +1000 health off three item slots. I am looking for more, but items with a decent amount aren’t dropping (or are using the same slots as my existing health items). My elemental resists are at ~30%, and will soon go up to 50% with Blind sage, which is hopefully fine. I’d really like to boost the others, but they seem v. hard to find.

Dryad’s blessing looking interesting – thank you! I’ll try it after I finish blind sage.

>I have more in Vindictive flame, the regen and total speed is a big help

Most of my skills are on cooldowns, so +total speed won’t do much. In the past I’ve found +health regen to be underwhelming. Most fights last 10 seconds max (usually less), so +35 health per second is about 350 health – not awful, but not that big a deal.

Still not sure what to do with my actual skill points! Maybe I should just push up masteries for the stats/health.