Fire conversion to Aether to Ascended Casque

I know that GD’s development and support is near the end, but I’d like to squeeze in a suggestion if I’m not too late.

Would it be possible to add fire conversion to aether to Ascended Casque (24% - 36%)?

The reason I ask for this is that I’ve tried to convert 100% fire to aether and add such converted retaliation damage to Drain essence using Spectral War shield. I’ve the following conversion items:
Haunted Vestments: 26% Fire to Aether
Cord of violent decay: 44% Fire to Aether
Ascended shoulderplates: 32% Elemental to Aether

I thought these items would convert 102% of fire to aether, but they don’t, I still have fire damage on my (budget) drain essence (build), probably because F to Ae and Ele to Ae conversions do not mix well for some reason. Because of that is it possible to add conversion I’d suggested?

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ele and fire/cold/lightn is calculated separately, with ele conversion happening first iirc
so either you need 100% ele conversion or 100% fire conversion, mixing parts of both will always results in leftovers

that said, “always” trying to get 100% conversion isn’t always possible for “everything”, and sometimes we have to make do or be satisfied with that we get,
and 80% conversion isn’t totally terrible anyway, and if not, you can see if you can’t fit in some of these items

Thank you for the info about the order of conversions and for the list you’ve provided. Hopefully, some of the items listed will drop. :smiley:

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also note it’s possible for you to get “higher” versions of the ones you have, cord and vestments are near minimum rolled for conversion,
so that’s like a total of 10% you can potentially get extra “easy” just on those 2 same items “refarmed”, (vestments probably easier to refarm ofc - unless the ones you have already have superb affixes tho)
then you just need a single third item to cover the remaining 20% which could for instance be different shoulders

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