Fire FS Pyromancer WIP

@fordprefect and I tried hard and failed to make a DW fire Archon work, without the 2H mods the defenses are paper thin and the damage is not high enough to compensate. But as part of the experiment, I noticed an interesting interaction between Blazeheart and Occultist’s Solael’s Witchfire. So Ford made this build for me:

We both think it looks good. The damage is much higher than the Archon could manage even when I used glassy devotions and the Iskandra relic, Fire Strike is a better AA and we can hard cap it. Blast Shield, Blood of Dreeg and Possession make it much tankier. A Sentinel could put out higher sheet DPS but I think this is the more well-rounded product. So I’m shelving the Archon and leveling up a new Pyro to try it out.

Anyone have theorycrafting ideas to bring to this concept?

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